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The way, you know what we need in the studio. Qaluwa. Or bailey's? What do you what are you putting coffee Bailey's Qaluwa bourbon? Math Tony cats. Well, I'm just saying, get serious home Tony cats today. Just before we came back. I got three emails that wanna make me run my all I have to check Email during the show. I don't know how it happens. It happens to everybody. Like you'll be focused on something you'd be like. Oh, wow. That email. That's interesting. And then you'll read it and you'll be like, why why did I do that? Why did I read what a bad idea? And I got, like three of those okay. Then I went to grab the copy and I've got a story about it. I'm like I need to put something in this. It was it was that kind of Email. Tony cats Tony cats today, Facebook, Tony catch radio be sure to like the page if you don't mind, Instagram Tony cats. Drinking up to twenty five cups of coffee a day. Is not a bad for the heart. What twenty five day can't can't do the math in the UK? They get a study. It was funded in part by the British heart foundation eight thousand four hundred and twelve people. In the study, I'd say that's a fair amount of people. They put them into three groups those who drink less than a Cup a day. We call those babies those Drake. Tune one and three cups a day. That'd be that'd be me. That'd be me and those are more than three a day. Now I didn't actually drink coffee until about a decade ago. I didn't drink coffee in earnest until then. And now I do I was fine. I was I was in the clear. I was happy. And now look at me look at me. I would say what is twenty ounces. Let's tumbler that I've got here until about twenty ounces. So, like one in one and a half of those day is probably what I what I do. So if you think of eight ounce cups, that's, let's say three cups a day, is what I do. But people consume more than twenty five cups a day were excluded writes, a twenty five and over twenty five cups gone. But according to the study, there is no increase stiffening of arteries associated with those drank up to twenty five cups to pair to those who drank less than one Cup day. Okay. First things. First. Nobody knows what the talking about about health eggs will kill you. No way eggs are fine. Red meat will kill, you know, wait red meat is good. No eight. Red meat will kill you. Now twenty five cups of coffee is okay, who has the time was the time to twenty five cups of coffee. I'll tell you on the red meat front. This impossible burger thing is actually taking Holt the plant based meat, which should be I don't know, meat is taking hold now asked if I have a problem with that my answer is now feel free, if you could make something that's good. And people feel that there's a perceived health benefit for. Good. Go right ahead, sell it the restaurants wanna use it. Fine by me. Knock prob, listen. You wanna eat the soil in green all more power to ya. That's not my issue. My issue is don't tell me I can't have me. That's my issue. Don't tell me tell me why you should have this or that's good. Whatever feel free. I don't trust anybody anymore on health. I don't trust a soul. When it comes down. Nobody knows what they're talking about people know, something that might work for them. They have no idea. It's gonna work for anybody else. And those experts, don't know anything and the government as hell doesn't know anything the food pyramid who wins the last time you actually looked at the food pyramid. This is what government told you for forever made up a healthy diet. Now, this is this one new now maybe this is the original one, so the bottom one, the big one vegetable salad and fruit. Right. That's what they say. The big one is first of all five to seven servings a day, stop it. I five to seven servings of apples and oranges. All that sugar. No way. I don't believe him. I think they're full of it, and then above that was cereals breads, potatoes, pasta and rice. Just who are they kidding milk yogurt and cheese? Above that, then, it was a meat poultry fish eggs, beans nuts. Then after that was fats spreads, and oils after that was things high in fat sugar and salt. Now I agree the sugar is is the devil. I'm I'm on team, Gary tabs, the sugars, the death. And I eat very little sugar hasn't helped with weight loss with damn by do I've often said this, I feel amazing. I don't feel. I mean, the joints, feel good. Everything's feel. I'll, I'll do push ups you do it right now. I feel before how would you pay forty pushups? Well, then I'm not doing it. But who's going to eat three to three to five servings of bread day? I would die literally, I would explode I would it would be awful. Miserable. Doesn't matter. If if it's more than an ounce, right? Let's say let's say a serving two slices of bread. So, so what would serving be more less? So let's say serving a slice of bread. Let's say a serving as a slice of bread, and you should do three to five servings a day, if I did five pieces of bread day, I would die, I would get destroyed kiddie. I can't do it. Can't eat pasta. Kenny bagel do I love a bagel? Do you know what it's like to be back in New York, visit from time to time I got work to do not having a bagel to saddest thing in America to survive? I'm saying that people look at this wire facts on the top, you should only have infrequently. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't be doing diet this, and that olive oil real butter, all of it whole milk. Let's go the good stuff. That's why no one knows what they're talking about. Everybody's so damn confused. And there is no one way, nutrisystem Weight Watchers. Maybe it works for some people south beach, whatever the decker girl does on those commercials, and you're like my God. It's a woman. Sure feel free, but don't get me to buy in. I don't know does that gins work Kito worked, I've done. I've done Kita. You know what I found? I didn't lose weight. So, so what does that mean for me, somehow, not doing it right nonsense? Everybody is different. You gotta find your thing. And you got us up listening to these people who keep telling you about what's good. If coffee is bad for you. But if I have twenty five cups a day, it's no different than if I drink less than a Cup of day. By the way, this is only one thing. Right. This about heart health, and artery, stiffening say couldn't have other effects like the caffeine couldn't have some level. The fact but some people can handle it. And some people can't, I know people who drink mountain dew ever that. Mountain dew every single. Oh, I don't drink coffee. So I do this you kidding. That's not. That's unbelievable and insane. For sure. I can't imagine, and we're not talking about, like a can of we're talking about like the big, big gulp. Couple of those day back that can't be healthy can't be. But what I can't get involved man. If that's the thing, if that's your thing, okay? Yes. Got the consequences, whatever that thing is coffee is fine, the FBI, they are not healthy for you. And the story is that there's this watchdog group. Take a look at what is the F B I has access to. This in regards to facial recognition, we talk often about China and the Social Credit score of China about how they have all of these cameras watching every move the people make. And then the ranking what they do. Are they being nice sitting not nice being good citizens are bad citizens, and they give them a Social Credit score. And with a high Social Credit score, you get the opportunity to do more government approved things with a lower Social Credit score. You don't get the travel and you don't get this. You don't get that eventually end up at some kind of reeducation camp. That's how China tell it's going to go. But the idea that they're watching their facial recognition skill sets incredibly high mean they can really track people down to the person. So that's a worry in the United States, and it's been a worry for stockholders of Amazon in working with the federal government on this subject. Coordin- to this watchdog group. You take a look at the number of photos that are in something called the interstate photo system, which is mugshots federal, state, and local law enforcement, but thirty six million photographs according to the government accountability office. But now you add to that all the driver's licenses, they can access twenty one states and all the other photos databases to which they can reach they've got six hundred and forty million photographs. Then I'll give me wrong. You can find me anytime you want by doing a Google search, right? If I go to any search you go to Facebook, you can find the photo of me, easiest can be. I gave those photos to a private company. The government is different. And is always different needs to be treated differently. No innocent person. No. A non convicted person in the United States citizen, the United States, should ever have their photo in any database has by the FBI you, they should have to purge every single one of them literally set the servers on fire. For what reason do they have to have this information, because they might need it. Not acceptable. Not acceptable to track. American citizens not acceptable to say, hey, who's that over there? Okay. That's who it is. No, no, no, no, no. You don't have to give them access to make their job easier. You know it's the keep us safe that helps keep us safe. Don't do that, please. Let's not lie to each other. Let's actually be the country, we strive to be. And in that country government does not keep tabs on you. You keep tabs on the government. And when they act up or act, the fool, or engage a hissy fit, we replace them. That's who we are. That's what matters so no, I'm not in favor it. Listen, I think that this is this is one of the p doing the reporting, this is one story, the FBI should not have access to six hundred forty million photographs in the FBI, not creating databases to work facial recognition. I don't care if the FBI's happier, not their happiness is not what makes me sleep at night..

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