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Brand we know it's An incredibly busy time of year or not just in toronto but around the national league so we really appreciate you taking the time to join us here on the podcast extras. Thanks read all right. Thanks again to the president of the toronto. Maple leaves brendan shanahan throat. Punch not a big challenge. This week you know. I i i feel as the hockey gets going then. Obviously more game specific throat punching candidates for. You're going to emerge but renew at all surprised. Because i was at how much reaction there is been do the national hockey league selling ads particularly the helmet ads. I don't i don't. I don't understand why people care i don't care if there's an ad on the ellen or not that is my throat punch to the people that are complaining about this because in anything you do was advertising it so why can't the nhl advertise on their most notable product. Which is the players. So people always send. Oh yeah it's going to end up like this. Where the european teams have ads. All over their sweaters and pants and socks. I told you and i spoken about this. I went to the game and berlin last year landed was playing there right. Nobody looked like they weren't having a good time. That was the best game atmosphere. I'd been at in a long time. Remember back in the day. Because i was playing. I hate saying that. Jesus back in the day down anyway. There were no ads on the boards and when they put the first few ads on we were like. That's ridiculous those save never last. Now you're like you don't even notice them unless you see it in its advertising. What about the four places on the ice where the ads are what. I can't believe they haven't done. Why isn't there ads in the faceoff circles. That to me makes sense because everybody's stopped. You're not skating across the ad right where you might only catch a.

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