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Lot of games and you know we need to. We need to win as many as we can. And at the same time you know. We're not trying to break art. We're trying to. We're trying to build us up together or not. I think i think our staff is not a really good job of that. I think our players. I've done a really nice job of listening in and working with us. And like i said with their starting coming out of the pen of these guys come out. They gave us everything they have coach. Finally i'm curious about the temperament because it is a long year and you know this is the end the regular season. But it's a long way from here to the final game in late. June in omaha. How how how do you keep yourself. Grounded knowing that You you can't you can't look even beyond what what's in front of you. Which is tomorrow night against florida. Yeah it's a you know. I think just from experience. She has learned how to stay calm and know. Let everybody else talk about what could happen in the future. Because we've got to make it happen and you can only do that when you're playing and you move to the next day like i said it's it's a different sport. You don't play once a week a lot you've got you've got to try to figure out how to manage different guys different ways talk of different players different ways and i think even more at this for Yeah you know. It's a long ways off that we know words addis down the road and every wanna get there we gotta keep working in We really we really try to shorten things up this time of year. We practices short Our guys not play. We're not. We're not driving them into the ground where we're trying to build them up. Good strong stretch run coach. Many thanks for coming on all the best this weekend and ex and the rest of the way and we look forward to chatting again. as the razorbacks make Make a lot of noise In college baseball season. Congratulations so far. Thanks for having thank you very much. the great coach of the razorbacks coach van horn dave van horn and we are going to take a break We still have to talk to you on the phones at eight. Five five two four two seven two eight five hundred reminder. We'll talk to the commissioner of the sec. At the bottom of the hour they had a big announcement today from birmingham. And we will share that with you right after this. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast out. Do.

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