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Etched into the landscape. Green dot greens and light. Greens in the in the formation of a chessboard is almost like a night to king on occasions. Eight eight bladder job with the gardening. But i did reveal the face know an i think several people may need to go to therapy now I was wondering if i should put a tuxedo. And this morning When i did a face reveal or a old. Maybe i should do. Hafa white mosque like the new bond villain in No time to die may be. Do the blofeld scar. Maybe hold it kogi in front of my face while this just so you can hear the voice. But i went for vase and i just got backfire. Rav along jaunty sort of walk so not not really looking my best but you know sometimes you have to approach your audience without any makeup on and that and that's what i thought you know not gonna put my eyeliner on no lip today for me. I'm just going to present myself to the camera. Basically naked literally naked butt naked without any any showbiz makeup or anything like that no flasher or anything like that. That was naturally may walson all not let any wars and at and wrinkles fateh faced. Does hide the wrinkles that that's the key. If you want to look wrinkle free into seventeen seventy injia forties then a little bit of a fatter face. I did consider maybe getting Maybe whale blabber not the grease not the not you'd make the candle wax of perfume maybe well blubber or potentially a piece of pork belly and get that injected into the face. And you know what i think. I had poked. Betty injected into the face. I would not have wrinkles a into my well into my seventies but But you may be that underlying smell of bacon could attract all of the hounds around the neighborhood. So if you want to catch up on yesterday's podcast at the title of the podcast was ready like a roman. My hottest track gentleman's swayed and stuff. A- kate basically dog i mean. I'm trying to clear out. Chappie towels. And i'm terrible hall awful over the years collecting. Everything was saying yesterday. But that's part of it. There was a lovely. No article on people is easing things out of their lives. I mean almost almost the survey cross karate chop of stuff out of their lives and that sort of trying to do. But it's very very difficult. You sometimes need somebody else to launch the boil for you because you just can't do it yourself and that and that's the thing with the with the holding i think also i did talk about other said the social dilemma little artificial intelligent al's spotting looking at everything you doing but they decide to send me some sort of performance in the answer in the doi- so we took it out yesterday. Be roman ready. Basically and Then my trek through the hottest day the hottest late july day in history here in colorado. And how i manage to do it just in full. That was yesterday shy. But today how i can see myself. Maybe as a timber merchant. My my dearth. Dad my papa. Yo man he can see me. I the hands may be to become a timber merchant. So we'll be talking about that also fitting into his yele a little vest as they'll call in america. I found one in the basement as clearing out. It's an. It's something that i've had for very long time. And we'll be talking about that. Leads us well. Also with the with the suddenness of the change in temperature the air conditioning still kicking in. I feel i turn the thermostat up but the temperatures still kicking in and it's causing havoc on one part of my anatomy. We'll be talking about that. As i said know i do feel a little bit. Like polonius little less slimy than than the anti hero in in hamlet appearing around the arison revealing chappie towers to but hopefully no stabbings yet no danes of reached the scabbard and tried to Try to stab me for the irs. As of yet also review crystal review. You know we're getting a little bit new age keep coming gulliver cheese at were viewed as well. My favorite fluffy pillow talk about that. How amazon prime needs to pull it. Sucks up and start delivering things within a couple of hours here. My throat's a little bit better today in the honey. The gentleman's persuaded of the honey did help with that. My mother is a jam making machine. She is the hostess with the most when it comes to jam making. We'll be looking at jam-making today the recipe that she uses when she's making jan. You know whatever's hot day and the bubbling. Don't come knocking because you're not going to get very short shrift. Basically when when the jams being made him. And i never talked my unprovoked attack. Earlier in the week is well how i can see the new form of the occupants. We talked about it but never talk and my junket of navy blue sweaters the so much to talk about also paranormal next door. The next door. That's something else that will be discussing as well. Maybe they'll be another visit from the a. How a hell have also the mission new cooling performance has. There's a vest that makes you look slimmer but also calls you down. These are what they've been saying. Sausage museum marks a history of a very old banger. America reduced space tourist to astronauts greek hall installed how ruined cottage was transformed. Which things we say today which we otis shakespeare. We'll be having a rundown v. Dvd came saw conquered in the seco- steaks. How perceptual export is conquered britain. And now they're trying with french. The french a little bit snowball story about the champagne. There was my uncle. He paid from behind the arras today as well and had a few things to say. Naughty roskell spreading vicious rumors about me ridiculous as well. Are you watching love island. I don't know if we should be indulging in such nelson's incense waterfalls. I've seen that as well. I mean listening to absolutely everything. Fans doggy splash pad. Have you tried. The dog splash pot. But you know what. I don't think the rigid cravat stalk scavenges daughter to be the banzer still metal restraint is what i'm really looking. So technology is a peeping tom. It is the voyeur was watching everything but this they got it completely wrong. As as i mentioned. I gotta note trying to advertise me the bonds of still. I mean first of all. I was thinking on e. Back in asia pumping i on the on the back in the day when he During coming the bob aryan where he seriously very rippled very orange..

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