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Of religion and violation of the first amendment. The supreme court rejected his request tragedy in New York a helicopter pilot killed in Monday's crash in New York City has been identified. Now's a former volunteer fire chief and very dedicated highly professional and extremely well trained firefighter as well as a skilled pilot Tim McCormack died Monday after he made a crash landing on a roof at the seven eight seven seven avenue building in midtown Manhattan, that was rain strong winds when he crashed on top of. Of the building and died. Now, when it's your time to go. It's your time to go. Listen to this, a motorcycle rider from Charlotte, North Carolina was killed when he was struck by lightning when he crashed on a highway near Orlando, the power of the lightning strike caused the forty five year old man's helmet to crack and burn causing him to flip over and crashes motorcycle, he died on interstate ninety five unbelievable. If you live in Fontana, California, you wouldn't be blamed if you felt a little case of the jitters, a swarm birth quakes has shown remarkable staying power in the area around southern California. Caltech seismologists, Eaglehawk Zain said the chance that the series of tremors will turn into a large and destructive quake, isn't particularly high. But we thought we check in with Cal ori- the author of the man who predict quakes, and she's an author intuitive who predict quakes herself Cal. What do you think there's a lot of talk about California. I read three three days ago, they said, don't chill. Everything's okay. I read hey, you could worry now because one it seismic sworn someone. They're aggressive in shallow actually, if you live around there and it's. Rattles nerves. I mean you feel it. And keep in mind in greater Los Angeles. Orange County, by the beach..

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