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2013 2014 You get a little fired up, but you know you're going to be a let down I get the feeling That in this shortened season, this team has finally peaking and you're and they're going to peak at the right time. Now they may not get any further than you know the first or second round of the playoffs. That's fine. The red stands have to be happy with what they're singing. And if life goes back to normal, and these guys get to play spring training and get the play a full season together. You know what the rest of the National league should just really be on their heels. Tony Tony before I let you going to tell you a quick story? A couple of years ago, I was substitute teaching at an elementary school in Lakota. And the teacher kind of knew who I wass. She introduced the introduced me to her students before she split and went after she left. One of the kids raises his hands and says Mr L are you famous and I said no. And another kid goes if he was famous. What would he be doing here? So that put it all into perspective. You are not small change. I got the chick magnets and you are a chick star. Oh, brother, I love you so much. Alright brother in the Lord's work for the red Brother J. Yes there, Toni and Eamon. Man up near Springfield, brother Home of the nights Love your man. Yeah, I love you, too, Brother. Alright, Awesome. We are having fun tonight on the Kelsey Chevrolet Extra innings show. And right now I want to recap tonight's victory and it's brought to you by serve all electric one call that's all. Serve all electric dot com Threats built three home runs A You Hani Oh Suarez, two run shot in the sixth to give the race a 2 to 1 lead after the Brewers take a one to nothing lead in the fifth on Jed Jerko is home run on an 02 pitch from Luis Castillo. Then came the four run sixth inning. With Curt Casali meeting off against Drew Rasmussen with a first pitch home run, and then later After show go, Akiyama single And Joey Votto walk in. Vado was replaced by pinch runner Kyle Farmer. The moose gets loose. Mike Move stock. I saw three run home run Tau bust it wide open is 6 to 1 lead. Yes. Nate Jones gave up a two run home run to Jace Peterson in the ninth inning, but the Reds win 6 to 3. Those three home runs back the outstanding pitching of Luis Castillo, who went six and two thirds innings, nine strikeouts for his fourth consecutive win. The Reds win tonight 6 to 3 over the Milwaukee Brewers. And that is Tonight's.

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