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The Chargers have just finished up the Jaguars and one around it was forty five to ten it's the type of performance the you say where is this been all long from this team the forty Niners bounced back nicely after the last second loss in Baltimore topping the saints on a field goal at the garden forty eight forty six was the final so San Francisco right now in the top spot in the N. as see of course that could change tonight with the Seahawks and rams the saints fall to ten in three after that we last week in the last seconds on the Justin Tucker field goal the raven is locked up in another close one today and make it nine straight defeat in the bills twenty four to seventeen the Broncos the biggest honor they crush the Texans thirty eight to twenty four and also today the Packers get with number ten twenty to fifteen over the red skins the Vikings keep pasting a game back in the NFC north twenty to seven over the lines they will host the Packers in two weeks from today the Buccaneers down the colts thirty eight thirty five both for six and seven and in the has now lost five of six rounds dot the Bengals twenty seven nineteen but not all is co pathetic in Cleveland still even despite a win and the jets get a final gun field goal from Sam Ficken defeat the dolphins twenty two to twenty one let's get a recap on the Chargers the Jaguars here's Roger sop in Jacksonville are which is all over in Jacksonville the charge was a big wherever Jacksonville live score forty far down the aisle I charge instead of five and eight on the year Jacksonville falls off for online on the year the big story the charges were quarterback Philip rivers a sixteen year veteran comes in here close three touchdown passes in love with a quarterback rating of one fifty four point four four rivers was sixteen for twenty three touchdown passes zero interceptions three out of four dinars passing one past you the past eighty four yards another one for forty four yards our store one for a twenty yard touchdown pass and that George was also scorn to Russian Jews and that's getting them the big why am forty five two jobs over the Jaguars the Jaguars not much offense and all their shoulder there will be quarterback or the bench you mention gridlock on British weather yeah Jacksonville Jaguars are white the Jaguars came on a trip why when the bottles were forced down past and the book is gonna mention comes yeah birds only one touchdown pass no the look you try and make their worries for seven point one of your goals for the Jaguars so the Jaguars only scored once you're walking down the Charles street apartment eight on the year and one of its allies Chargers forty hard Jacksonville Jaguars yeah all right to non playoff teams finish up in Jacksonville right now let's go to Adam green because this one with one forty two left is still close game still is trying to I said with the ball in their own territory here's Adam yeah the Steelers aren't pop in this one twenty three to seventeen I just got a Chris foss will build on this one from twenty five yards out of the tribe that they were hoping would ice the gate is that they have some question will play calling that the through the ball and complete say the couple some time because that abuse in their last time out of the game during that drive cell that is about to kick off leading twenty three seventeen the cardinals calories at a decent game but you very costly interceptions don't you touch down the most recent one a twenty four yard pass to David Johnson so initial hardy Johnson you have a pretty good day today in Glendale at any rate the kick up out of the back of the ends of the car will start at their twenty trailing twenty three at seventeen with a minute or two left and no timeouts hi then right now in Foxboro the patriots still very much alive cutting down the deficit just a little more let's check in with Alan Siegel storylines in this game a game on the field whatever happens over the next eleven forty two and also the officiating crew of Jerome Boger I mentioned to you earlier in the day and have a very inconsistent day calling it both ways well right now it is different and the IRA bill Belichick in the IRA these bands are really upset you moments ago Travis tells you fumble it was picked up by Stephon Gilmore he was off to the races it would've been a touchdown scoop and score but the officiating crew ruled down by contact telecheck rule the Dow by contact it was not obviously was overruled but the patriots lost a touch down there and got the ball back and came down and just a few moments ago I describe that they just got a field goal on the kill Harry took it into the end zone he was along the sidelines put the doctor out of bounds the ball hit the pilot issued for the touchdown they ended up with a next fall twenty nine yard field goal so a lot of forty two to go over this twenty three sixteen but the officials are definitely a storyline here this afternoon rich and so I have to say on it looking at the Travis Kelsey play the ball is it's it's starting to come out I don't know what the you know what what the criteria for how much has it has it has to start to come out but is is almost definitely down and we lost the house okay I thought the same way you did I thought it was correct call mighty officials I know the pay good scooped up quickly and went off to the endzone we're watching a dark one to overturn on a monitored that you're not allowed to we we can't hear what's going on on the field would fill my car anything I don't know when the with was blown but in viewing the re played seem to me to tell you a pretty chill for right the book both to play dead and it was not a fumble now he's got a point here about the patriots subsequent position thank you it looked to me like me kill Harry kept if we didn't balance and dole for the end zone in court the pipeline the referee judged him out at the two one half yard line they weren't able to score a touch and I had to settle for a field goal I'm not when I greet the patriots got the short end of the stick what a short ended when soul on the potential formal by the chiefs I think the rest got that one right hi the other game going on right now really the Titans of just blown it open in the fourth quarter let's check in with Riley on an old yeah guys for this is this is turned into a real after for the Titans that but it was the writing was already on the wall when you saw that fifty three hundred fifty two yards of total offense in the first half alone right now at five hundred and thirty four yards in the fourth quarter the the nail in the coffin with the F. fumble return for a touchdown as the raiders Walker was sacked or I'd rather be tackled ball was loose and in return for a forty six yard formal return by brown so that was that was a big turning but does like those JJJ and brown for the Titans and that pretty much has put the nail in the coffin here for the raiders Ryan Tannehill right now is twenty one of twenty seven for three hundred ninety one yards and three touchdowns Derrick Henry got a hundred three yards rushing and two TV's and AJ brown is five catches for a hundred and fifty three yards and also the raiders here close to scoring but they may do so on the next play right now Derek Carr is twenty four of thirty one for two hundred thirty nine yards and two touchdowns and the Andrea Washington the replacement for Josh Jacobs twelve carries for fifty two yards including a fourteen yard scoring run but it's forty two to twenty one tie ins with the lead and just a little over five minutes to go in the fourth quarter thank you very much Ryan we take a look at the game tomorrow night the eagles at five and seven still alive in the playoff fun they'll host the giants who are taking the Eli manning out of hibernation tomorrow night and joining us right now from W. I. P. in Philadelphia's Glenn mac now Glenn reject and of course you know Jody macdonald how are you I'm doing great guys how are you tonight doing just great at five and seven with four games left the eagles find themselves just to gain behind the sputtering cal boys here you know what's the thing that they're going to kick themselves the most about if they squander this opportunity is it the lack of a a playmaker that is been an issue all year long yeah that's a that's a it's great question and I think that really is the right answers the the eagle did not have anyone this year any wide receivers this year who could do anything all year yeah well I let me take that back at the Shawn Jackson for game and a half and they never really had a back up plan to him every other wide receivers really let this team down which is been to my way of thinking the biggest reason the eagles have underperformed speaking of wide receivers any truth to the rumor that you actually worked out for the eagles today because as far as I can figure they're going to have three healthy wide receiver bodies for tomorrow's game that is correct Jody in as you know I've had eleven knee surgery I might speed in the forty yard dash is about three hours yeah I mean it really looks like it's it's gonna be three wide receivers they they have some guys in the practice what they may activate one more likely than that they're gonna activate the third tight end the guy named Perkins who maybe can play wide receiver a little bit you know they're also down a running back because Jordan Howard is heard the eagles will have a lot of play making options also on your create a bounce back game last week in the loss to Miami but if your car someone's going back there there's not a lot not a lot of guys you can count on ten Carson Wentz change the narrative or what's been the narrative lately obvious he's missed the last two seasons without a due to injury and there's no more Nick fall so it's all Carson Wentz right here but you know he'd just since the injuries he hasn't been that same guy that he was before with a strong finish can you change that narrative and and he's gonna live in the shadow Nicole's until he was a super ball and we all know how difficult it is to do Nick Foles got that magic in the past and that kind of hangs over course in this town to an extent unfairly I think but it does but this season anyway Carson Wentz has not had that game where he carried the team to a victory on his back through his skills and through his legs which is that I think is a big part of what they're not doing I think he's got to be more active in the running game yeah and that would be great to see would be great to see tomorrow against the giants the with great the greatest city in the those last division games I got coming up the mac the first half of the season the eagles had major problems in defense of coverage their secondary specifically their cornerbacks will really pretty darn bad they get Ronald Darby and Galen mailed back from injuries and darned if those guys don't step in and improve their coverage and actually give them a chance to play some pretty damn good defense which they did and a couple there wins last week both of those guys had their lunch eaten for them by divine date Parker which Ronald Darby in jail a mills are going to show up tomorrow against the giants yeah I don't know and and they were just hideous and a lot of that me goes on Jim Schwartz the defensive coordinator who never changed never really games safety help which is one of the things that they needed and part of it's Jody is you know is the eagles have gotten really underwhelming pressure from the defensive line this year which the one thing plays into the other but you're absolutely right Darby in mills when they came back had two or three very good games and people thought okay well at least the defense itself how you give up five touchdown drives to Ryan Fitzpatrick in the dolphins which by the way they were all long drives they defied drives total something like three hundred sixty yards the.

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