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Live from the Matthews Brothers Studios. Welcome back to the Howie Carr Show 844 540 to 42 if you'd like to discuss Right now we're talking about what's going on in Afghanistan flights. At least six flights have not been able to take off from the Mazar e Sharif International Airport, while the State Department says it has little to no information about the situation, but is pressing the Taliban. To make good. On its promise to allow Americans to leave the country. Republican lawmakers are now raising the alarm that the Taliban is grounding planes as leverage to extract concessions from the Biden administration. State Department said Sunday that it does not have a reliable means to get information about passengers on the charter flights. Given these constraints. We also do not have a reliable means to confirm the basic details of charter flights, including who may be organizing them, the number of US citizens and other priority groups on board the accuracy of the rest of the manifest and where they plan to land among many other issues, the spokesman said. Again. That's not what John Kirby said. John Kirby said. We were still still able to talk to people over there. We still have. People's cell phone numbers were texted them back and forth. I imagine you'd be able to extrapolate some information. If these Americans are trying to get out. But then again, the Taliban is reportedly chopping down cell towers and disposing of any means of communication, putting Afghanistan back into the stone age. Here's what Jennifer Griffin said a few weeks ago after the evacuation efforts were already underway and we had not wrapped up yet, but Jennifer Griffin and Fox News Was able to tell us something pretty telling as a roundabout way of saying it. That we aren't going to be able to get these people out. Even when we want to. This is not going to be on our terms if we're able to accomplish it at all but 26 Jarrett to hear the president talk about still having an over the horizon capability to see what is happening with the remnants of Al Qaeda, Isis K, the Khorasan group, and even the Taliban. That would have required partners on the ground. And what we've seen in recent days is that those partners on the on the ground have been abandoned there in hiding there, fearing for their lives, They fled the country. We don't have partners. We don't have eyes and ears. The whole reason that U. S military cannot leave the airport to go and rescue any Americans who are out in Kabul. When British and French special forces can do so, is that they don't have any partners left. They don't have partners there who can help them safely navigate, So I don't see how you can say that with a straight face that they're going to be over the horizon capabilities to see the terror threat in Afghanistan when this is all said and done. Yeah, we We don't have anybody. There is the bottom line. We don't have eyes and ears on the ground, were not able to determine who is a friend or who's a foe. If anybody's in danger, we can't get their location. Um, Here's a story about a pregnant American who's reportedly In Afghanistan right now not able to come home. She's been able to document a little bit of her time there after the evacuation. Was over and done with. She's stuck there, along with her now husband, she was forced into hiding. After she was blocked from going past one of the checkpoints set up by the Taliban terrorists who she says actually shot at her. She said. She was kicked in the stomach when she was blocked from the checkpoint. She's pregnant by the way she was kicked in the stomach couple is amongst Americans, whom the administration is unable to number who were stranded in the country after the last of the U. S troops left the country and stop transporting evacuees out. The Americans are left there despite President Joe Biden's promise to make sure all Americans were out by the deadline set by him and accepted by the jihadist group. This is from Breitbart, by the way. Uh, California Republican Representative Darrell is a has been working on trying to get Nasariyah and her husband out of the country. He said on Fox and friends that she was kicked in the stomach. But she was kicked in the stomach. Well after, as she got through the first checkpoint for hours waiting for those people at the South 0.2 Supposedly come and get her. According to the report. The couple never made it onto one of the evacuation flights before the C 17 left. There were no American civilians on the last five flights to live. It wasn't until it was clear they had closed. They weren't taking anyone else for quite a while that finally she accepted that she was going to have to go back and hide in her apartment, the congressman added. So let's hear this. This is Nasariyah, The woman who identifies identifies herself only as Nasariyah. She as video documented some of her stay in Afghanistan. Really, She's And kind of being held hostage. She's being forced to hide out in her apartment. And she says that the Taliban is really hunting people down, So let's we're we've got a few cuts here that we're just going to go through. Just so you can hear them. Let's start with the part one Jared days where, you know, I think to myself like Am I going to make it home? Am I going to end up living here? Am I going to end up going here? What's going to happen? So this is obviously after she tried getting out of the country with her husband. And now she's going to describe for you what the process was like just trying to get a flight out while the evacuation was underway, how disorganized everything was But part two here, Jared Was so hard to just get on the flight. There was there was a couple of days where we had to sleep on streets. People were literally step over people. That's how bad it will price. Keep going. Part three does go to a certain location. You will be picked up and this is from the state from it. You will get picked up, Go there, and it was in the middle of the road across the airport..

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