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Those must have been some skinny man. How long they're on those boats for there. You go and what they were. Actually killing can be ignored here ladies. Who does the you do. They're actually know the illustration morandi dear friend of mine who was also a neighbor and she's extremely talented as you can. Stations are really loved. It and i'm lucky that times when they have their book signing. They both do so. That's nice speaking. Randy's has ready from Santa bell ever come over and signed books. What's this what's yes no. Yeah and i think just a little small for him when he does it on his restaurant. I mean he has to have a police. We've been we've invited him on the show and he's rejected us. Say well he's just said no nothing else no explanation wire or anything i guess when you're a big star like You don't need piddly little shows like so much else. Besides writing the book she got understand. He travels a lot he does he. S nonfiction books on his fishing travels around the whole united states. He went to cuba. Wow what was open. So he has a lot of irons in. I know you should always care about the little people care about the little people a lot of this book. Zay kidding you should. We should burn his books if he does come in a store. Now i'm kidding. So who's the biggest other than obviously see our guest today. Who's the second biggest star you've ever had signing books at your knock at your you sell coffee at your nook. I do not sell coughing. 'cause net coffee's bad for you. I don't even like the smell of coffee while we're sitting right next to giant coffee machines sheriff's driving you crazy. So have you had somebody you else. I come through cruise through. And i haven't had book signers big book signers but i've had authors come through like coulter this culture. She can hold her now. Not ann coulter Katherine coulter ok. Her sister well anderson sister. Oh they are sisters. I was just making that up. Very nice. does have a sister. so they're not the same people though. Okay calls okay. have confused. But she's come through and said hi And i've had a couple of other authors when they on vacation they'll stop and say hi. I had a bobby smith who's an older romance author. She actually came by and she signed on my old us. Paperbacks wow Because she said up. Maybe it'll help you sell. They've come in and they've been really nice and introduce themselves and people during the pandemic that would be one activity. That could really jump book signing is. You don't need to read your. I mean but you can learn to read hands. And they have told. I've had customers telling me it's the only thing that's kept them. Sane is to be able to come and get a book and when they're stuck in la novels still a big genre yes. Of course we order. Dumb question The mobiles for that pay stations are buying rights to so many books you know like netflixing hulu guest to podcast. So the romance. Going up because julia quinn just did the britain series and it was on tv..

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