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They're absolutely made of one hundred percent. Cotton and re washable. So that's always a cool thing and so if you would please visit mohegan trading post dotcom defy to look at their wonderful designs over there. We appreciate trading post dot com. We thank them again for being a native opinion. Yes ashley joined us. Good morning nash. To see you guys thank you very much for coming in and using the technology in front of us like it's like it's a little chaotic though honestly brother because i'm like you know if people waving if they say hi you know it's just gonna like okay there then. I'm looking here that i'm looking here. Sometimes there's a computer over there right so but it's actually good to see and hear all you guys so thank you very much absolutely. Thank you for joining us. All right When we transition into listener feedback brother. Few right wanna take this. That'd be great. Oh absolutely this comes to us. From listener beth the lovely completion of the totem. Pole's journey that mind warranty to follow up on this week. Show daycare care and stay well bath. And it's the red road to dc. Let's see twenty thousand miles traveled. Seventeen blessing ceremonies coast-to-coast the red road to dc drew lines of connection between communities leading efforts to protect sacred places and drew a line in the sand against an undersized an okay let me start again. I'm sorry red. Road to dc drew lines of connection between human communities leading efforts to protect sacred places and drew a line in the sand against an understanding of development that threatens ancestral lands waters tribal sovereignty and our collective future are. Totem pole journey concluded with presenting the twenty five foot pole to us secretary in the interior depp. Howland national mall along with the poll. We delivered over eighty thousand petition signatures calling. On the biden harrison administration to uphold the rights of indigenous people to free prior and informed consent to develop projects impacting tribal lands and sacred places. The beautiful totem pole carved by the house of tears. Carber of the lemme nation is now on public display in front of department of the interior in washington dc..

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