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And missing dancing image share i am on i mean if you up put a video on i think when lucky yeah i would not right now about did not game the sorry listeners you don't get to see a we'll see it's a you know what you're film yourself for davis it's not just for me i'm sure henderson happen and fan but the no one's let's face but why the guys are first question of the season comes from two what kind of regression do you expect to four resume and bryant was like thanks expect any regression i mean stellar had a good season i don't think they bring he gives it the way jason heyward hit you always have to use him in center field right i mean you did you know we'll defend well and the bad plays veteran center than it doesn't right he's going to be a and i think you'll bounce back to some degree twelve homers to sixty maybe twenty steals letting heyward will bounce back you can't be that bad again but why would we assume any fowler now playing only honor in twenty five games i don't think ryan rizzo success was at all dictated by found i think it influence there are behind i mean the good at three ninety three on base percentage to a certain that was their ride exactly i mean zobrist or not really losing much i agree i don't think there's any way to bring fowler back if if through the the primary reason that he's going to want a multiyear deal and the cubs are going to be facing i'm numbers crunching players that all thirty year facing a right now with house quarterback full time to begin next season i'm with the eric i think so burst that's lead off i think shorter drops in in the middle of the lineup and not much really changes maybe they get a couple more runs in a couple fewer are vi not a change the draft think anything changes and i mean fowler was a good player boy and wherever he goes and gets his three year deal accuse host lesser from baltimore connor unity little rory to play at thirteen homers thirteen steals better to seventy six great start bad finalists for four months i don't know if ehlers atop forty outfit you.

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