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What now though on top of Cha. Well listen I've had this burning through station in my heart and my soul and I think you might have being. How is that Vail? Thomas Gotten Nick from the nineteen ninety. Two drinks wasn't because of George. Yes because there's no way that you could tell me. Yes that's awesome is better than how well they're different. They're different but I mean people forget that nineteen performance GonNa find those Jeff Jeff. They're different than just Zea could could is capable of doing that. John Stockton was not but John Stockton would run a team better than Isaiah. Would I say would get into these one on one battles players would talk about it? If if I had a slight against. You a grudge against you. He was going to try to embarrass you. Stockton never did that so different players but it came down to from what I was told Michael Jordan did they they. Nobody wanted Isaiah on that team. Yeah Paulie there's even a moment if you watch the Dream Team documentary that's on. Nba TV all the time. Where Jordan sits down for an interview and he says to the person who has no Isaiah Thomas questions that blatant they discuss it. Yeah they didn't like Isaiah. Remember the freeze out at the No. They didn't like him. And and Michael San. Hey but you had chuck Daly as the coach right so imagine. You have as coach. But you can't have is how did Chuck. I never heard if how to Chuck Daly. Try to calm that down. That he's the coach of the Dream Team and Isaiah was not on the Dream Team but I think it was magic and it was Larry and and it was Mike like we don't want him on here. I don't know of Charles was in that all right. We'll take a break last call for phone calls. We'll come back to what's in store tomorrow right after this in the Dan Patrick. Show thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast be sure to catch. 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Listened to the way we live. Now on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts and you tell me what the PGA Tour Commissioner. Jay Monahan and Jason Hare the director of. Espn's the last dance. Should I ask him why wasn't included in hopefully should like over one hundred? People were interviewed for the documentary. And it's a ten part series. Couldn't they have squeezed me for you know instead of J. Dante couldn't have slipped me in there? Yeah mclovin forgotten that the Bulls won some titles in the nineties and bears one eighty five. I'm so glad all these documentaries are out then. Remind US Earth's dominant anytime. There's somebody who has something to do with the Chicago winning. And there's a documentary. Pollick is what we should have on. We should have mine. I go all right. We'll have one seat when you have their your break in the break you guys were talking about all the beer and food and stuff that you had. Yeah well I'm doing the last segment from the beach so nice. It almost looks like that. Fake Corona of the canvas there with Tony Romo and Jon Gruden. When they're taking phone calls on the beach that's what it looks like. Yeah I like that and I have a beer over here. Let's say Wayne's world when they're in front of the green screen we're in Delaware. Actually I'm going to San Francisco. Never mind we got some beer delivered here local brewery dockside and some wings and some what. What are those eggrolls? Kelly cheese steak really sorry about Dan. Clone philly cheese steak roles. Yeah well you know what? We'll let you know how they are. Thank you know what we can. We can zoom if you want and watch US eat. I'm trying to get some grilled cheese. Started over here not happening. I did not know this. And I'M GONNA guess the audience doesn't know this either. The latest the first quarterback was taken in a draft in the super bowl air. I'll give you the team and I don't think you'll get it. The Indianapolis Colts in nineteen eighty eight. The first quarterback selected went seventy sixth overall. That'll give you an idea about quarterbacks and the importance of quarterbacks back then as opposed to now the colts waited until the seventy sixth. Pick to take this quarterback. Yes Paul you against Mike Pagel. No that's a good gas because they drafted archly stor earlier and they drafted him. I think he was a first round. Pick this guy played a longtime. He played in the Super Bowl. Second on the list is pick fifty three Danny white to the cowboys. Tony Banks Forty second. Tony Banks the first quarterback selected in one thousand nine hundred sixty forty second overall boomer is it was the first quarterback by the Bengals in eighty-four. He went thirty eighth Randall. Cunningham went thirty seven in nineteen eighty five to the eagles. Chris Chandler went to the colts in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. The first quarterback taken seventy six pick overall. I found it interesting Paulie. Let's see this sport. Sister got a couple of Jackie Robinson. Made his debut with the Brooklyn dodgers. His first major league hit with a bunt way. Did you see on jeopardy where I think Alex Trebek's the answer was Jackie Robinson? The player who broke the color barrier. And Somebody said Babe Ruth of college students and Babe Ruth That's not what we were looking for. Yes paulie unfortunately. We have the audio of that Dan. We weren't gonNA embarrass US person but now now through it all right one of the topics covered in a major league baseball course at Arizona State. Is this player. Who broke the color barrier in one thousand nine hundred forty? Seven Chaka Babe Ruth Nathaniel? Jackie Robinson Right. We make mistakes. We make mistakes do it all the time. Yup the other one in sports history blank threw the first no hitter in Colorado rockies. History this is in two thousand ten it can anyone named the first no hitter in Colorado rockies history. What was the name of the pitcher if you can name it? I'll give you check my wallet. Six dollars anyone in the US his first or last name begin with the letter. A. B. IS I. I'll give you a hint. His name is Aldo. Okay that's close. Anyone can enter. Get it now although eminent I'll give it to you oh I knew I had a vowel in. There just thought it was a say you knew. Have Alan their vow to start his valley and some juncture not. His first name began with a vowel. That's what I should have said and I would have gotten some damn credit or you. Baldo you Baldo. Final results of the poll question Ultimo or a new school. Uniforms eighty five percent old school now. Todd was funny and I shot. They're coming up now. I want to pick on you and say we have a you. Balto on our stuff wasn't GonNa do that. You force me to do it Volvo. Fritz Baldo necessary. I don't WanNa it but you make me want to say it again. You Baldo Todd when she learned today Dan. Lobski says the fear of taking to a stronger than the fear passing on. All right. I think that's the general consensus mclovin. I learned the Taiwan to be very specific that it was really Mario. Who's no no problem with a seasonal connor? Boomer's sisons thoughts largely taken out of context guests so by yours truly polling new nickname. Ugalde you Baldo. Thanks for joining us. Leading is be part of your lives. Be SAFE BE SMART. Talk to you tomorrow. Esther Dame's I've made my life my writing songs like fireworks by Katy. Perry Super Bass by Nicki Menaj. What's my name by? Iana just to name a few and having an absolute blast share as some of the knowledge that I've learned with upcoming songwriters on some land on NBC. Beat I'm excited to welcome you. 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