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Clean technologies solutions janice hall janice welcome back this hemp before victory campaign at janice are you went speakerphone because i'm getting a terrible echo okay well i just got authored speaker on and now i know i was on okay any way i talk to me can you tell us about the way the campaign is right now and what's happening and why do we need this campaign well ridden re gay in our largest consumer of fish products in the world okay and we remain the only g seven nation to prohibit its cultivation and says 2012 over thirty states have legalised is cultivation the 2014 farnhamville legalizes is cultivation on we have i think fourteen or fifteen senators who were sponsoring bills um we have the ability to make a myriad of uh of products paper products plastic um substitute products ham composites for automobiles the food is nutty yummy i help building materials nanomaterials three d printing in bioplastics it's an industry that could really bring america back into manufacturing again and back to farming again it's a home business home meaning u s a and the problem is there is very limited education on it and the reason you have your show now now uh week after week is people don't know the difference between and marijuana and so our job is to really show that uh and get him seeds made legal and we need to create political and consumer education around that because b awareness is low people don't understand that it's part of the farm bill in fact michael bowman wrote that part of the fun i have industrial farming act excuse me on in the house sponsors are senator rand paul you know and democratic senator ron wyden polar opposite in other areas of politics and the house feel is republican tea party uh representative jb calmer from kentucky and is cosponsored by democrat jerry police from colorado okay and so what this is an opportunity to build an economy and to build common ground during in time in our country when there is such extremes polarization well we are all about it this needs to be legal uh and we need to stop buying seeds from overseas and so what we are doing the.

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