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Spots for culvert nineteen has reported nearly forty two hundred deaths that is close to half the pandemic fatalities in the U. S. governor Andrew Cuomo says medical supplies are still desperately needed the bad news is the number of beds doesn't really matter anymore we have the beds it's the ventilators and then it's the staff that's the problem the death toll in the U. S. has risen to almost ninety three hundred and globally at sixty eight thousand I'm in Kate's Georgia's Republican governor Brian cap has issued a statewide shelter in place order but he kept the state's beaches open correspondent Natasha chat in his office told me that they were about a hundred fifty people on the beach at Tybee island this weekend of course that's really frustrated the mayor there surely sessions who in a statement talked about how the Pentagon has had to order a hundred thousand body bags for Americans killed by the corona virus she called the governor's mandate reckless that they were going to take legal avenues Queen Elizabeth in a rare televised addresses urging UK residents to stand strong during the Copa nineteen Alfredo self isolating merit times beyond many people of all faiths and of none are discovering that it presents an opportunity to slow down pulls and reflect in prayer or meditation other than her yearly Christmas magic queen Elizabeth has given such a speech only three times before I'm in Kate's gold it's shoring are you missing it if you have an IRA or four oh one K. you probably are less than one percent hold physical gold we've been told by Wall Street it's for crazy people really what's crazy about an asset the beat stocks two to one I'm Adam berada national bestselling author of the book gold is a better way owner of advantage golden ink five thousand member and highest rated gold IRA firm in the world gold is booming because gold is really about debts and global debt is a pandemic if you've an IRA or.

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Kate, Georgia, Brian Cap discussed on Hometown Project

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