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We'll be doing a interviews with a ton of stars, including Mark maestas, my word sometimes you get the vapors. Mark sesa. Baker Mayfield is on the docket. Oh, you're gonna have the vapors. I normally do not sleep well in general, but I've just honestly feeling a little nervous about this in hot at all times. So I'm not sure how will go really I had an idea, by the way to bring 'em cake. What if when half your age that doesn't matter team? What about one Baker comes onto the set? What if wordless we all Wes Grega myself just stand up and walk away. And it's just the please what you're paying piece scale be right. Would you want to? Yes. I would actually would like to talk to and have all of you far away. I decided. Here about everyone else's stuff. I want to sit down with Baker Mayfield for like two or three hours and just process the entire movement. I mean, I think that can be arranged. We have plenty of juju Smith sucessor Jamal Adams like you guessed a week. So I would be happy to have all of us sit out the Baker, another one you kidding me. It would be terrible. Another all need to be another funny move would be to have Baker. And then cut marks Mike. That would what would you rather have happened? I would I would take people out if that happened. So anyway, that's just one of many guests. We have a ton of big time guests on the dot com show, then I said the Sydney wider, and then of course, Sunday night we have Super Bowl Sunday coverage, hopefully, a patriots defeat to discuss for the second straight year. Hopefully. You gotta make the game to lose. That is what they said is true. All right. You ready to get into the news though? There's a lot to talk about. I can't wait. So let's do it Ricky Hollywood she's she sitting criss cross apple sauces. What they say. Now at schools, politically, correct? That's how she sitting right in front of us with the computer throws into the news. Never heard of the around the NFL podcast. Have you ever heard about the around the NFL podcasts? Okay. Well, they're really big fan. I wanted to let you know. What is it around the NFL, roaming? Yes. Go out. That's fed tattoo. That'll men who is never heard of our show and yet his representatives desperately trying to offload overstock of their ridiculous t shirts. No, they took a bath. On those t shirts trying to offload at all. And he doesn't know the show, but his agent apparently. Didn't even wanna start. Anyway, I don't I don't want to tell you. I would burn it and put it on Instagram if I ended up I mean, how much how many t shirts would you have to buy for a guy who's made tens of millions of dollars to.

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