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On a lot more twice analysis i'm your colleagues you know as you guys are talking at the party has also not single payer are you afraid this is gonna come kind of the less harksen of repeal and replace lack the nfc frank it's an idea that the parties vying around exam that i'm on that the aci question by offering at everyone knows that it's not the votes as time has come this nickel thing that you guys are campaigning on and she sang an at face fat in i can't pull off caitlyn i you know and we're in a room a healthcare people i don't think there's anything wrong with put the big ideas on the table so there are big ideas on the table i would say the black ran idea that's a big idea that's a very different system singleparent big idea for different i think mind as they even though it takes advantage of the network but there's also some ideas on the table that are much more like built at a ton of a bipartisan back on for example tom carper and i have a bill land on reinsurance doing a national insurance for everybody knows there was reinsurance of the first three years of the aca that expire that reinsurance it's a backstop for high cost claims that kept premiums down for everybody and establish this mechanism so high costs climates would be protected insurance companies would get some certainty we want to bring real terrance back because we use it for crop insurance will use it for flood insurance will use it under medicare part d we used it for three is out of the aca with republicans support so there are some big ideas on the table but i'm not sure a lot of gems are.

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