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Read being said eight is basically eilon myself straight. People hang out with a lot of gay people. I can't ask for honesty from others and honesty from the guest and the people in the room. If i'm not giving that. And so i mean really. That's what it stems from for me is just being true to myself and true two things that i want to discuss it. I think are important in many ways. These conversations j. Having on her late night show are an extension of her stand up but her comedic voice has also been sharpened by years as a writer for. Snl we writing for like a show like you're right infested now. You're writing for the people to you know. Try to get your voice into kate. Mckinnon mouth embody in some ways. And so in that regard you you have to think more about the whole where and stand up you just got to think about yourself but when you're writing and casting yet thing what is good at what his eighty good at. What was a good wolf for keenan. What does keenan do. Well how how are they gonna score in this. And how are they going to be successful in this as much as how to get the jokes. I wanna get out and across. I have no doubt that in the coming years you're going to hear and see a lot more of sanjay as she continues to rise in the comedy world but for now she's feeling good about what she was able to achieve through her late night show. I already feel like it's a success. Because ton and i like made it did it. And i'm like why that's do something that was uniquely me authentically me and i got to share it with the world really so i it's happened already. I think anything else that comes of it is like a bonus one place. You won't be seeing her anytime soon. Isn't a comedy version of versus something. Jay says she just cannot wrap her head around. No no i. Can't the people wanna see something like that. I've noticed people wanna see comics battle. But i don't really know what like comedy is so like individual. And like hyper nuanced. You know what i mean. So it's like what is a comedy battle. How do you judge that. And i'm not sure how you judge it but i still got to say i wanna see it pause with sam. J airs fridays at nine pm on. Hbo you can also watch it on hbo. Max okay folks. that's all we have for you today. Really appreciate you being here with us. Remember if you have any suggestions or ideas call us at eight. Seven seven eight might take. That's eight seven. Seven eight six nine eight two five three or four send us a tweet at takeaway you can also record a voice memo on your phone and email it to the takeaway callers g. Thanks so much for listening. Melissa harris perry in pretend vega and this is the.

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