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We wanted to start the podcast off talking about some of the confirmed meetings that we know about. And obviously, you know, I've seen different viewpoints on this. You know, they meet with a lot of guys at the senior bowl because they have the time to do. So they don't have a set limit. But yesterday, you know, in the end the second floor of the hotel, you had guys pull players aside, sit down and really have in depth. Not formal interviews with them. But in depth interviews with them for twenty thirty minutes. It wasn't just a stop by ask. If you questions get out of the way, it was a sit down and really talk to that player. So these are the guys that we have that have done those. I guess you could call it a formal slash informal somewhere in between meeting North Dakota state running back. Bruce Anderson, Florida state defensive tackle DeMarcus Christmas, Georgia state wide receiver penny heart Arizona state defensive tackle rental Rin Old Dominion, university wide receiver. Travis Travis forum fold home fold ham. I don't know how you pronounce it. But ODU kid, and then we got NC state wide receiver Jacoby Myers. And then there is a mystery man that I watched. Scout. And Chris hall talk to yesterday for I swear was an hour and fifteen minutes that I couldn't find out who it was. I looked at the back of his head or at I it was a tiny receiver. And then it looked like it was Charles medic, Hugh. And then I got into an argument with Connor about the difference between two hundred and five pounds and two hundred sixty pounds. So we started guessing the weights of random people on the field during practices, and you were definitely wrong about every single one of them know that guy was like six foot two two ten. He just was Connor. And then I said, well, I'm five eleven and I'm one hundred ninety five pounds. Look at me look at him. I know he's further away. But I can guarantee you that man is over or over one hundred ninety five pounds. You said he was about one eighty you're wrong. Just admit you were wrong about that. I'm not gonna mitt that. Because we don't know because we were standing five hundred feet away. But we're we do know the measurements to these also. Five hundred feet away. We were like two hundred fifty is like it was less than a football field away. You thought it was two hundred fifty feet away. Yes, he minyard's. No to Rome fifty two hundred and fifty feet is like less than one hundred yards. Yes. We were under a hundred yards away from that where we not less than one hundred yards away from the side. We're gonna find a friend how close to read it at resting at the fifty yard line. And we were like fifty rose up in the bleachers. I'd say about a song around thirty forty yards. Yes. Not much at all. How how how how wide is a football field. Fifty eight yards or. Here young something yard. So here we go. So it's fifty three fifty three divided by two is what twenty one and a half. Yes. And then you got the sideline to the railing. That's probably another twenty one and a half. So there's forty yards. It was literally wasting time. Let's go over the measurements of the guys that we know that the Cowboys have met with that. We know these are official measurements. Because they weighed in at the senior bowl. So you're not guessing on these Bruce Anderson weighed in at a thick five one one two two own nine really thick in the lower half powerful in the upper half. He did suffer an injury today are sorry yesterday in the practices that we weren't able to attend. So he did not practice today. They they called up. The pit running back wasn't Darren Hall. Darren Hall from Pitt another big guy take his place. So Bruce Anderson suffered some kind of an injury. They didn't really tell us much about it yet. I'm sure that's something. We'll find out a bit later. He's a guy that the Cowboys didn't meet with so good size to him underutilized receiver at North Dakota state..

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