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Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Howls. Let's talk dementia. A podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and smiles lyles in their dementia caregiving journey welcome to let's talk dementia. Here's your host bestselling author Carol Caregivers here givers welcome to. Let's talk dementia and Carol. How will your host Don glad you're here today but today I wanNa tell you a little story that makes me think about homeless total story about him in Nigeria? That's not what we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about taking care of you Had A video pop up on facebook from one year ago go. Today was a video actually did one year ago yesterday and it was done at the hospital in consultation room while waiting being for my friend Charlotte to come out of breast cancer surgery now. Charlotte story was kind of interesting. And I want to share it with you and bring it to a point here CHARLOTTE ORLA had spent a great deal of time. Not going to the doctor. She didn't get regular pelvic exams. She didn't get mammograms. I don't think she got anything grand. She didn't get a blood pressure. Check dinner sugar checked and all that stuff she just was fine and then one day she had healthy she that took her to the -mergency room and Brought about need for little procedure and the doctor said how long since you've had a mammogram and she said well very long time and said he recommended she get the mammogram program. Well she did and found her breast cancer now. We are just amazed and blessed at the fact that she had stage zero. Eero breast cancer. Okay I did not know there was a stage zero and win the little mccollum Domi Caroline got stage zero risk cancer. I thought she didn't hear that right. Because because there is not a stage zero but there is and that's if you're gonNA find out you've got breast cancer you want to hear the words stage zero before it So that that was excellent. She wound up hat needing to have a lumpectomy fairly Incision that She took care of and healed quickly quickly from and then have radiation afterwards but it also made me think about you guys when that video popped up. Are you taking care of yourself. It's been on my mind lately last week. I did have my mammogram. And while I don't enjoy having that done now is not fun. But it's necessary and you know it only hurts parts while they're mashing your boob. It doesn't hurt after they let go. So you know you can breathe through it. Make it and my letter came this way that everything was fine you know. Are you read that letter and you think Oh. That's really good news though the trash. I didn't do that because I remember when Charlotte got the news that it was not off fine and how I wish wish she had gotten a letter. That said everything's fine. See you in a year. We kinda take that for granted. So don't do that but also make sure your current on that now I know you're you're busy caregiving. I know it's hard to get time away. And maybe you've got a range for someone to come sit with your loved ones so you can go get a mammogram or go to the doctor and get other things checked. Act You gotTa do it folks. You've gotta take time for yourself because if you're not monitoring your health and something happens to you who's GonNa take care of your loved one. You gotta think about this so periodically. We're supposed to do this about once a month at our house. Were not real good at remembering to do it. We check our blood pressure so today. We're going to do that so I have this. Omron version of blood pressure cut kit on safe. There's as a model on it here. Be Seven Acre but glasses back on. BP seven eight five in. That's it baby. Seven eight five. We researched it and found out that this particular blood pressure cuff was ranked among the most accurate. So we bought it in. It's easy to use and I'm just GONNA show you guys how easy it is the trap your blood pressure so you gotta get the cuff put on your arm and the tubing coming out of the Cup needs needs to line up with the center of your inner arm right where your armband make. Sure you've got the Cook Pasture Elbow up going towards your L.. Go torture shoulder intrepid on there now I was talked to hold my arm what is that thing called all heart heart level so that that would give them more accurate rating. Some people. Just let their arm hanging. It's not what I told or else rested on a pillar. Whatever I normally just hold my hand my arm and other hand let it rest there then all you have to do on this cute? Little machine is press the start button and when you do do it will start pumping up. You might can hear that pumping up noise and it gets tighter and tighter. Not One of the people who thinks having your blood pressure checked is not particularly enjoyable because my skin is sensitive and I really feel this on my skin but it's kind of like having you smashed it only only last for a little bit of time that I just say Bubis. You're not supposed to say that. So let me just steel here for men breathing the N.. Breathing out does if you're moving around a good bit you could call your blood pressure go up just by doing that of lab not done it in out and mine came up normal now on my machine. It shows one twenty nine over seventy two. Let me get this so so you can see it. Hopefully and you can see the light is on on the systolic in down below. What does that diastolic dial? I don't know I don't remember what that word is. Another talk was just olive but it's lit up in green in the green mates. Happy go all is well. It turns up in red not so happy. You need to be be working on getting your blood pressure down turn it off take it off good to go. That's how easy. Oh let's get this couple. That's how easy it is to check your blood pressure now if you noticed that. Your blood pressure's a little high highly. Recommend taking it in the other arm. So you what you show there in. Don't freak out if it's high check. GET TAMARA CHECK IT for three or four days. Maybe every other day for awhile or everyday for wild ride it down and keep track of it if you consistently have high blood pressure. Then let's get it checked. Excuse me if you have just had a stressful time with your loved one. It's not the time to take your blood pressure. goes his high you stress. Maybe take it when you wake up first thing in the morning and you're feeling relaxed now. We also want to check your blood sugar now. The Kit that we have is just one from Walgreens Oh Greens is called true metrix. There's all kinds of blood pressure are not blood pressure. Blood sugar kits. They're just very cheap on. But you take jake the needle Twist a little indoctrinated you stick it down in there you put the cap back on the little device and then you pull back doc it spring loads it when you press the button. Here it clicks implode clicks. That's when the needle is GONNA come out. You can set. Whatever you're on depth the needle cut needs to attract here by one two three four five one set right in the middle on three before you do that? You're GonNa Take Your Monitor and you've got a container of strips you're gonNA reach in and get a stripped and put it into the machine the side that has the little strip. The one single strip is exposed. The other end goes into the machine like so you just stick it in there in the machine. We'll come on so it's ready it be so all I've got to do is take my finger and massage and just a little bit and get the blood flowing to that end pullback on that put it on my finger press the button and a little bit of blood is going to come out GonNa take this monitor put it up to it new there we go in and did a little beep it is registering it. It's GonNa pop up here and tell us what my blood sugar is for my blood sugar right now at ten forty five in the morning after having had breakfast in walking for two and a half miles els is ninety six. That's good if you have Blood Sugar Below hundred at fasting. Meaning you've got you taking in your blood sugar reading first thing in the morning before you've eaten bits below one hundred that's a good thing mine's below one hundred already had breakfast so that's a very good thing for me you you say you want your sugar to be below one hundred fasting. You want your blood pressure to be one twenty over eighty all the way up to potentially one forty over ninety but I think your daughter's GonNa pay okay to keep a closer to twenty over eighty thing if your blood pressure's high consistently you need to do something about it. It is called the silent killer. Your blood pressure can be high and can you not know it and you've done some doing some serious damage to your body something to blood sugar. Your blood sugar. You might know that because it just makes you feel Feigen lethargic and yet you just don't feel Ri- in something just doesn't feel right about you could be a blood sugar to keep a check on these things folks. That's something simple you can do at home and you don't have to hire caregiver caregiver to go get it checked. Keep it monitor and if something starts getting out of wet then you know you need to go to the doctor of course member. We're going to the doctor and getting that blood work done in a mammogram program the PAP smear and all that junk. You don't like to do in every seven years seven years now. I'm here for years. It is you have to get the Colon US could be less just loads of fun. But you need to do. Take care of yourself because I needed to come back and listen to another episode or watch another episode so let's Talk Dementia blessings miles. Let's talk dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred three two two nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in VF dot org. They speak veterans. So you you don't have to and you tell them Carol Saint you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran the spouse of the better or both editor bed you can find Ms. It's Beth crosby at editor Beth Dot Com. She is amazing. Looking at what you've written in making sure it represents you will find her at. WWW dot editor Beth dot com and HD imports located on flint straight extension in Rock Hill South Carolina. That's your county halo. Three nine eight five zero nine eight five. They are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia. Tell Them Carol CINCI. Thanks for joining us. Today for Cheryl. Howls let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend Carols bestselling book also titled? Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon. In paperback and kindle versions be sure to like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on itunes remember knowledge knowledge brings power power brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more smiles. Thanks for joining us today. And we'll be right here when you come back to. Let's talk dementia..

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