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Pittsburgh, Houston, Dave Underachieve discussed on Gasper & Murray


Turn it over at a much higher clip there are not as consistent finishing in the red zone as they were a year ago julio jones has not had a touchdown yet this year now all that stuff may get thrown out this week maybe atlanta stops turning it over maybe they move the football it will because the patriots defense can't stop tim mccone and the jets last weekend bright he threw all over a mccone so maybe matt ryan will do that again n maybe atlanta will continue to do that no look like the falcons from a year ago but they've been an underachieving team as have the two teams coming out of the by denver just lost of the giants with ally manning at a bunch of nobody's at wide receiver orleans dark while running all over them the broncos of underachieved as have the old oakland raiders despite their win on thursday night against kansas city dave underachieve losingrecord three and four at this point and that even pittsburgh in december that's supposed to be a tough game i know they be kansas city last week they felt like a mess coming into that game and they get cincinnati this weekend at i'm curious out that goes because that is always a knock them down drag amount low scoring close game so let's see how pittsburgh comes out the other side in that matchup maybe the steelers are better than i'm giving him credit for if you're making a case joe where you want to create a narrative where the patriots are about to find themselves and start looking like the patriots look no further than the schedule i think the first six games were tougher than certainly i i anticipate of them to be back in the preseason back in the offseason and i wonder if we're still living in the past with some of these teams thinking about atlanta like it's 2016 thinking about oakland like it's 2016 even thinking about some of the the teams that had been good and you know we we sort of underestimated by kansas city or like carolina or like houston i wonder if the patriots are through the worst of it and when you look at their schedule i think they are yeah i just don't see any easy game for.

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