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Must growth can't get past the fifth inning. Darvish has been terrific. Weathers is not the same pitch tree was earlier in the year before he had the arm injury. They need a starting pitcher, and they're going to probably go out and I think they know it because they've got a good offense. And they've got the most exciting player in the league and Totti's Machado and the money is on the line. I think he'll he'll come through, but they're going to need a couple of starting pitchers, so I think the Giants are in decent shape. I really do when you look at the competition. And I think that's the focus of what I'm going to say this weekend. What I'm going to say heading into the break and after the break, let's see what the rest of the league can do. And then let's react to that. It's so funny with the Padres You mentioned the meeting. Some starters. That's got to be frustrating for their front office. They've made trades for three starters over the last season. They went and got Mike Clevinger. Then he misses this entire season. They trade for Blake Snell. He hasn't been as advertised, at least to this point. And then as you mentioned you, Darvish, who's been fantastic, but they thought they were also Said. I think they thought they had their rotation. They have their lineup, and it shows you what the 60 game season didn't show us. It's a war of attrition. It's a marathon. It's not a sprint, so they've got an uphill battle in the second half, But I can't let you go. Marty without talking would have an All Star game. It's one of my favorite events every year. I'm a baseball junkie, You know that I love baseball history, but the All Star Game for me. I love that It's on the stage of its own. It's on a Tuesday night where nothing else is going on in the sports world. Except for the All Star game. It's just always been one of the special nights for me your all Star game memories. Your thoughts about the All Star game. I think number one for me is that the fact that it doesn't count that it doesn't determine home field of the World Series is a wind from here on out, But what do you think about the All Star game when when it comes to mind? Well, it's still fun. The baseball All Star game is the only All Star game that is actually a competition. So I think you start from that and you just love to see And I know they're going to have these sterile uniforms. This year, the first All Star game in 1933. The National League did the same thing. It only lasted one year, and then they started wearing the uniforms of the individual teams. But the introductions are fun. The matchups are kind of fun. It's just a good evening. It's a feel good evening for baseball. And you're going to get to see the stars of baseball on the field in a game that's actually a game. It's not the NFL Pro Bowl with no blitzing. It's not the NBA with, you know, just dunk after dunk after dunk, it's an actual baseball game. And they have fun with it. So I think it's terrific. My memories of the All Star game really saw a lot that I've read about. Uh, you know the Carl Hubbell striking five out in a row, Right? Right in 1934, You know if Ruth and Garrigan, Fox and Simmons and Cronin, Fernando and Gooden in San Francisco in 1984, striking out six in a row between them. Willie Mays taking over the All Star game, and as Willie is totally before Austin would come up to him and say will help me with the lineup, and Willie would say, All right, I'm first Erin, Second Clementi's third and do what else? Whatever you want for the rest. I don't care. It doesn't matter. And that, you know, and that's the way they approached it each euro with his explosive, you know, speech right to the American League. He's the last guy to talk. Uh and he would say, if they national league you know something like that, and they'd go nuts and running out of the clubhouse. The league presidents used to come in and, you know, make arguments. And you know, the All Star game is just, uh It has so many injuries in it, Uh, Ted Williams fracturing an elbow in 1950. You had dizzy Dean getting hit on the on the toe by a line drive in the late thirties. That Effectively ended his career You've got so many Fosse and Pete Rose is one that comes to the rose A very good absolutely. Ray was going to be one of the great young catchers in the American League until Till Pete Rose separated his shoulders. So you have you know you have such a good history. Late inning home runs by Stan Museo Red shadings. You know the first African American players to play in the All Star Game in 1949 with Big Don Newcombe and Jackie and Campanella in Brooklyn. What that must have been like that day to be part of that to see that. You know you could go back Tony Perez hitting the home run in the 15th inning in Anaheim. Bo Jackson hitting the home run off Rick Russia, 1989 while Ronald Reagan was on the air with Vin Scully. You had that to to fall back on. There's just so many that go back and forth. The bonds getting robbed is Torii Hunter. I think the home run. I think that was the year of the Thai, wasn't it? That's the Milwaukee you know, and he lifts him up and you know and goes up. You have John Kruk and Randy Johnson. Yeah, reminded me of, you know, Norm cash going up there with a table leg trying to hit Bob Gibson. You know that sort of thing. So it has so many moments that other sports don't have. Yeah, I challenge anyone to give me highlight moment of an NBA All Star game or an NFL game, But with baseball, we can take every one of these games and go back and find some highlight moments and There are issues now The ground doesn't want to go. Caray is not going. This was a big deal. Hank Greenberg wasn't played one year Joe McCarthy didn't play him and he said, You know, I'm not coming and he said, I'm going to say goodbye to the Oster game didn't show up the next year. Bob Feller didn't want to pitch a couple of years and there were big issues and around the country and basically you've got to play. That's what a big deal it was, and we're going to see a lot of players now opting out of the game, so To answer your question. It's really a great question because there's just so much should we love about baseball, and it goes back to the first home run. Ever hit in 1933 by Babe Ruth. Of course. Who else would The All Star game was put together because of the Chicago world's fair that they wanted to make a big deal about it. The owners didn't want it. They were afraid of injury. They said. Gee, if we do this in Chicago, other cities are going to want it. There's been elections of how players are elected in the fifties, the Cincinnati Reds sent in a billion votes. You know a million votes for their whole team, and they all made the team to start and Warren jealous, said No, I'm sorry. We can't do that. And they put the regular you know, National League team out there so There's so many great stories about the All Star game that.

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