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Farrow is speaking out in detail about her sexual assault accusations against her adoptive father director woody allen she says it happened in an attic when she was seven in 1992 instructed rule to lay down on my stomach and play with my brothers toy train that was sat as i pray with the toy train i was sexually assault allen has denied the allegations pharaoh spoke with cbs this morning's gayle king please playing end it's been lying for so long was an investigation but no charges filed apple indicates it's going to open a second corporate campus and higher twenty thousand more american workers or business analyst jill schlesinger apple right now is sitting on about two hundred fifty billion dollars of foreign profits if it were to bring all that money back it would be paying aranda almost forty billion dollars in taxes wave reported on the latest online crazed that many say is just plain crazy and now youtube is taken steps to try to shut it down here cbs's peter king it's called the tide pod challenge someone on camera bites down on one of those colorful laundry pods then usually this happens kansai was for nineteen year old mark pagon a lotta people warm to saying how stupid allies are how why would it be willing to do that now youtube says it's removing the videos because the studies dangerous and violated standards search today for tied pod challenge on the site turns up clips like this the read the book shelves yours vase peter king cbs news a new google app his grabbed the attention of a lotta people at matches a selfie photo to an.

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