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Jump in too. Yeah. So last thing, kind of a weird spot. We're taping this interview before the city of brotherly love steaks at parks that you're running in on Tuesday. It's going to air after that though, so should we just talk about how your horse probably won easily? Oh man, I wish you won't believe what happened to the they had a herpes. I heard about that. But I thought that was getting kind of solved or something. Well, the horse, he tested positive for the respiratory one. It wasn't the neurological neurologic, it's the respiratory lung but we're still putting them under quarantine. It's going to be a week and the whole reason we're running in this race was to try and get back kind of on the Derby trail potentially. Prescribe some will probably going to run I nominated them for a stake at Laurel on the 19th. Jeff ruby and the bluegrass. So all those races are kind of up in the air right now. We're just trying to figure out what's best for everybody. So kind of regroup and see what we can do, but he's a nice call. So I'm excited about it. That was a kind of a dead performance the other day, but I just know he's a better horse. Ray handle, joining us here on the program. You find ray on Twitter at handle racing. I really appreciate the catch up best of luck to you throughout the rest of the spring. Thanks brother. I appreciate you having me on. Thank you so much. We'll be right back after a short time out of today's horse racing podcast brought to you by to inspires. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twins fires. All right, big thanks to ray handel for joining us. Appreciate the conversation in the time ray. Best of luck to him at the big a it's ray ray at the big a see, I would totally use that in a race he won. But I appreciate his time, but tomorrow, David Harrison gonna join us the NHC champ from this year. Looking forward to hearing the story of David's big tournament win and more. So we'll do that a little Thursday interview. Like I said, we had my fault. The way I did it and so, but it kind of works out good this week is with Tampa Bay Derby week. I'm a little extra busy and kind of makes it easier for me I guess to have the extra interview. And like I said, we don't get entries for Tampa Bay Derby to later. I talked to Marty McGee texted me on Tuesday morning, I guess it was saying it looks like now charge it is not going to go into the Tampa Bay Derby. And I told him, I said, well, Marty, we'll find out tomorrow. And I said to be fair, you did caveat it. You said you heard he was going to, but you might see him in the entries, and I said, you know, we didn't commit Marty. We're not on the line. You know, it's Todd star that's on the line. So we'll look forward to seeing who is going to be joining classic causeway ship station and others in our big race also the hillsborough now. I haven't wanted to mention this. Because I have a big strong belief that you never mentioned the weather till it's like three days or less in. But since the Saturday March 12th, like showed up on the iPhone app, like 5 days ago, there's been a rain cloud over it. And as I sit here today, I went down to honeymoon beach this morning at like 10 a.m. 75° on the beach for two hours. It was amazing. It's supposed to be amazing Wednesday, but start raining a little bit Thursday, 50% chance Friday 90% chance. On Saturday. So I don't want to put that out there, but as a responsible broadcaster and host, I feel like we need to at least keep an eye on it. Till Wednesday or Thursday because like I said, weather changes and in my experience in Florida weather changes fast. So we will see. It's supposed to be 74 for the high Saturday. And then the lowest 37 that night. So there must be a storm coming through or a cold front or something, but it's also supposed to be windy, so. But we've crossed our fingers because, you know, the hillsborough and some of these other races are, you know, Florida oakes, graded stakes events on the grass, and we have such great grass at Tampa. It's beautiful. Looks like a fair way. So hopefully the weather cooperates and we'll have a good day for Saturday. But we'll talk about that on tomorrow's show along with welcoming and David Harrison. Big thanks to ray handel, big thanks to you guys for joining us and we'll see you back tomorrow..

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