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Hello good evening welcome to the jim bohannon show from westwood one radio we're at one eight six six five zero jimbo one eight six six five zero five four six two six online find is the jim bohannon show dot com you can follow me on twitter at jimbotalks and joseph tartokowski has been speaking with us tonight he is with the claremont institute and the author of the lives of the constitution we have steve in lebanon pennsylvania good evening steve good evening keyboard i took an oath to defend the constitution and the bill of rights and when it comes to the second amendment the second amendment is the teeth the rights basically protects over the other amendments because if you start taking a second amendment out you're gonna leave the whole thing there's a second amendment rally going on at every state capital this weekend the fourteenth on saturday from on the east coast from one to four obviously every other time zone is going to show up your show same pie but it's going to be in their talk it's like an hour early like so is there a website where people can get all the details facebook i'll give you the group name watch putting it on its national constitutional coalition of patriotic americans and spec p a okay now the second amendment was written so we the people enjoyed says the right of the people and keeping bear arms or not being friends and the second part of the second amendment why i mentioned that it's all defense against leaders and tyrannical oppressive government that's the reason why we have the second amendment it's now for duck hunting deer hunting it's all defense against ironically government and foreign invaders that's that's that's retry second was written all right let's let our guest combat about that mr traffic asking well that's that's that's a view that has supported in history my comment is steve in really steve's call exemplified and all of your callers i mean a theme in the book is that it's just an extraordinary thing to me that you have the americans individual americans are so willing to think hard about the meaning of the constitution and we don't just say the judges tell us what the.

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