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Yikes so this. Just run to sports. Track really quickly. So here's the problem. I mean ben. Simmons makes thirty million dollars right now. Twenty four years old most right. I believe that not only. Does he make up up thirty million. But i believe tobias harris also makes that that much money so so he makes thirty two million thirty four. I think this might be gone to so who tough. I'll tell you what's going to happen. There are a trade ben. Simmons cyrus maxi's could become a new starting point guard. They're going to sign and trade for tobias harris most likely to get his salary off the books. So this is where. I could see the rockets i could. I could see the Taking advantage of the so. Here's the thing about it though you that you gave on. You gotta let me let me finish. The only thing about this is since. They're trading ben simmons now as opposed to last year. They may have to give up a first round. Pick for a team to even consider taking on this salary. Similar to what thunder did sunday took him walker and a first round. Pick from celtics. So if ben simmons comes over in this in a trade anywhere they're probably going to have to send a first round pick with him in. That stinks because then it's like you're losing draft capital but who's sticking thirty seven million dollars for a guy who can't jump chat who who not so much talk so we need to say this right now in you know it needs to be established. It's not that cannot shoot. He lacks confidence to to shoot. That's what people need to understand the confidence to shoot and people who are highlighting. When he was like right underneath the basket he was able to get the defender off them et cetera. From going up for a doubt he passed it off like that shows a lack of confidence to do but he's not good. He's going to run decent be posting up like nothing wrong with posting. like just. it's okay like speaking to the choir here like it's okay. You're six six sixteen six back that thang up like juvenile as i mentioned at the top of the cloth in the game a fan decided to throw debris onto the court. Because of course to go to do that for a game seven when it has been revealed to them that their team is not going to make it to the eastern conference finals. They proceeded to do that. That's very close. Will that happened really quickly here. I know we're running low on time. Let's talk about that all rookie team really quickly. I know call. Anthony was mad about the snub. The young rookie from the orlando magic. A really quickly the all rookie team. Hi res halliburton jay. Shaun tait isaac a koro isaiah steward Bay hachik williams desmond bain emmanuel quigley lamelo ball and anthony edwards really really great contributions from these players. I can understand why co anthony would be upset but it was enough guards. I think just having lamelo ball and anthony edwards and emmanuel quickly that automatically kind of wished him out of the running. If we're doing the whole position. Max thing we talked about. That's it.

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