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Often you'll hear anecdotes leikola kid the kids can't play tagore at this university this professor was banned or censored and those are these like singular oneoff kind of details and then you have another detail that's like literally like what percentage of the economy is startups you know the very like a hard factual idea as an economist when you take like an anecdote like kids of this one school weren't allowed to play tag how do you evaluate that as like a real story that you should include in a book that's making a larger economic argument versus sort of a culture story because i think that on both sides of all these debates often little stories get amplified and the larger uh statistical story is not very interesting story about a kids not be able to play tag is more viral than a story about the percentage of the gdp that supplied by a startup companies in the the number that most grabbed my attention was in the productivity statistics they've been showing that america is much less innovative than it used to be um and people of sat all were not measuring innovation correctly surely innovations everywhere yup think about the tech world and just to take seriously will maybe those numbers their underrated may be they're correct and this as sociological routes that were wealthier we stay at home more there's new data on millennials they have left sex than earlier generations that to me is amazing somehow in the backline my presumption was each generation is going to have more and more sex because you know maybe in the '70s people had more sex than in the 50s so that trend has to continue and that was my presumption it turns out it's totally wrong and when you're wrong on things that forces you to reexamine and look back for your library and what else might be going on here change in mindsets society overall being more regulated people being more risk averse and people are sex ding more but i think they're having less sex because they're on social media and.

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