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But you know if there is a lot of still proprietary code that is not under a patent, but also that you know that they're talking about that is perhaps maybe a trade secret or that could be a differently classified thing. But we go back to apple. It is known for diversifying its part sources as much as possible to Dr price competition between those suppliers and make sure that they're able. To provide, you know, for less and with this apple and Qualcomm and Intel. There's been a lot of talk about how much everyone wants to pay or everyone wants to offer to be able to provide a modem to apple for its very, very popular iphones. And I think our next story which talks about to say, yeah, telecom, Qualcomm is still positive that they can have a relationship with Apple's still. I hope they do because I have a story for you guys. Well, boy, now the issue is over the price of the intellectual property. So there is a precedent for this kind of thing. Where back in back in China and we know a lot of Chinese manufacturers are prominently showing Qualcomm 's name on the back of their phones. If you look at that show me me eight explorer addition, the locals, like right there in the back in the translucent adding. Yeah. But clearly there's there had to be some way for Qualcomm to provide their patents and also in a way provide their products to these Chinese manufacturers in a way that actually worked for this Chinese manufacturers. So back in Beijing, there was a there was a claim that was made. There was there was a final claim that said that there has to be a lower rate at Qualcomm provides to Chinese manufacturers which might add to the whole point that Chinese phones like Chamisa are generally a little bit lower price when it comes when you compare them to their western constituents. But yeah, I'm Qualcomm is still thinking that once those things are ironed out, they could. They could possibly come back into the apple fold..

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