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He boozy is rim coming out sometime soon. Tell me that i would do. I don't know what you do like. It's the genius. Mind of guy. Fear he's going to be president one if he can make fucking love. You can make apple pie and hot dog get along. I'm sure he can solve israel-palestine yes. I can't let me know what you think of it because it's going to be Might be a game changer. keep by the way. Keep inspiring america and keep everybody on the edge there you guys have no boundaries and it's just a love. The enthusiasm love the instagram. That twitter all the all the everything you guys are sending out there and keep the ball rolling we need we need more goes. I love it guy. Fieri telling us inspire america. We love you guys. Yes you do the same so much. You guys are all right. Yes definitely absolutely guy. Fieri was brought to you by great friends over at hellofresh. We love hellofresh. They have calorie smart options gonna make it easier to enjoy tasty lower calorie meals. This summer without scouring the grocery store for ingredients and the web for easy recipes. I need to get back in shape boys. I'd spend a junkie junky july. Get six packs in terms of what. I've been eating grit week. We're gonna get tax. We got two weeks. I was talking at the time. I said i said that i had been working out for at least ten days. I think we can do it. Let's get in shape. If i continued working when i had said it. I probably may have six pack. I've decided that this football season going the football season where actually commit to getting in shape. I can we all fresh. Can we grassy other. Yeah hellofresh we'll do one cheat meal week and that'll be sunday. Meanwhile football perfect. I did get hell. I do have hellofresh. And it's you guess it's great. It is a game changer. deviate off of like. I'm gonna eat this junk. I'm going to order out. It's.

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