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Located in Naperville north Aurora you gotta get to Gerald Gerald cars dot com St Louis still feeling good power play blackrock so horribly goals in five straight games a strong degree get justice in a chain of their flocks one zero my point you put it down to the break forth the taste toppling circle flat join the Gustafson now did a regular circle but behind the blues net the stroll in order to break it left corner flexible appoint Gustafson the Patrick Kane moving down the right wing boards to decide to circle the Gustafson right point back to cane top the right wing circle folks at a consistent high slot he fires burning down with a butterfly save strolled poking at any kind of a rebound but Pennington held up long enough for a whistle universal now one thirty left on the hawks power play with nine twenty left in the second it's one of the heart rate decision thereby Gustafson lots of traffic in front of the net Robert for two so standing there battling with Dylan Strome so there's a couple bodies in front of Bennington he was able to see that his body in front of it but because of the traffic really not in a position where we could smother that one up quick whistle well one by the hearts again Dave wins the right point Gustafson wafted through the flock to the regular circle should not the full weight came down the back of the right circle in Sanford Florida that the flex why Gustafson racing over the left point knocks the puck off of the stick of sun stroke is quest anyway to flex up into the hawks bench we get a whistle stopping play face off to the right of any opportunity there thanks in first time he's ever faced the black ops is the solid ain't got the part top of the right circle author on a consistent high slot fires that hit fox the contempt wide of the net here come the blue shorthanded Barbie sent the sun quest pressing a hot one the left wing rammed into the glass with a body check by Gustafson now goes to send to the loose puck along the boards but if the right side stroll mark blue one fifty seconds left on our power play the break it just send a rice will flip it back to the hot one became repairs it in all the blues one drop to the strong right point will stick it overall left wing boards to Brandon Saad regular order to go to someone who can right wing Sir for the past Diplo officer goes down behind the desk throw more to free over the far corner but different we're down Ruffalo circle Hawkstone gathers the park in and put it behind the net very Gustafson will move it out now to side through center ice lifted it over the blues one along the left wing boards nobody there but Willie Dixon awaited me ladder to dock top of the right circle he fired it tore the note walked in front by political doc got.

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