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It was paid for Bye. Domino's pizza. What's this story all about this kind of story. Domino's pizza on Dure registry. Ah, no, I need some more here need a little bit more more action on the North Ridge Couple forced to cancel their wedding due to the pandemic gets an unexpected gift from Domino's pizza. Both lost their jobs during the covert shutdown and experienced multiple deaths among family and friends. And that's when dominoes stepped in. Eyewitness news reporter Mark Quota Roadless has the story. Soon to be C. J and Danica Laci. Like many engaged couples had big plans in 2020 in January. February, we books basically, All of our vendors are on top of it. We've got everything we're set that save that for the wedding night, But all of our vendors were on top of it. We've got everything we're set. That was long before covert. 19 up ended everything. We will lost our jobs. So you know it was that what if a guy I'm sure this has happened? Where their weddings being planned. I got the flowers I got the the invites are out there everything set and then the pandemic hits, and I bet you anything the guy sits her down and goes. You know what I just think this sign. I just don't. I don't know, I think you know. I think we're lucky that this pandemic hit and maybe we should see. You know, we can't see each other. I during this pandemic? No, it's just not working out, Sam and I'm sure a guy a CZ used the pandemic to get out. I'm positive that happen certainly less of someone. Oh, yeah, absolutely horrible, sinking feeling of Oh, gosh. Is it going to be ableto happen Because of the pandemic? CJ and Danny have postponed their big day. Who is the girl C J or Danny? Could be Danny, right? CJ? I think because of the pandemic, CJ and Danny have postponed their big day. While it's a big disappointment. They recently received an even bigger surprise. Danny saw a sponsored Facebook ad that Domino's pizza was offering pizza theme to registries for couples who had postponed their ceremonies. Great 40 bucks a piece, though. That's pretty nice. You know, we're so CJ is the guy Danny saw? No, Danny is the guy, okay? He's very great. 40 bucks something, so that's pretty nice way like pizza doesn't like pizza. And so that was like, score free pizza. Wait a minute. What was I e mean? That's this whole story is over two pizzas. Yeah, $40 where the pizza is Maybe three. For although dominance could be 12 very great 40 bucks and things. So that's pretty nice way like pizza doesn't like pizza. And so that was like, score free pizza laughing it off. Not thinking much of it. It was weeks later when Danny got an email. Oh, I see he registered For the free pizza, and then they pick them as a couple to pay for everything. I think that's where we're going. Are you seeing what I'm seeing all of their registries for being paid for by dominos for 1000 dollarsworth and the boxes are still coming. We kind of just put stuff on it. As like. Oh, we wish we had $1000 couch on their way. Didn't expect anyone to buy us $1000 couch. Why'd you put on there Then? While 2020 has been unpredictable and stressful, you know? Can you see the registry like if somebody registers, Can you see everything on it? I think you can't write. Oh, yeah, I think so. Yeah. So somebody saw that they put $1000 couch on it. I don't like that. If I saw it. I was going to a wedding. A young couple, Their twenties like, 2122 23 they put down $1000 couch on the registry. E. I don't know. It doesn't sound right. Thiss Act of kindness has brought some light into their lives. They didn't have to do that. You know, they're a big company that could have just spent that money on marketing and they didn't ask us to talk to anybody. They didn't ask us to post on social media. They just did it. Now they're left to enjoy their gifts. And look forward to their new wedding date in October 2021. As far as we're concerned, we're like already married. We feel like we are so it's like it's just gonna be. It's all about having a party and celebrating. There you go. $1000 couch. S o. Domino's is smart. Because now you know they got all this free publicity Ryan, you know, instead of and Donald Donald Donald was really smart if Domino said, Hey, please post on your social media. People would see through that. Okay, It's a ploy to get more eyes be very careful not to make it look like that. And then if you don't make it look like that, If you know if they just want to naturally talk to the press or posted themselves, that's how you get great publicity. So somebody Domino's is really, really smart and doing that, all right? We'll take a short break for life on camera and 40 more

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