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It shows you if you're kind of like a middling career vet, you know, I think that's a fair way to describe Ryan Palmer. Not bad, but never good that be nice to the rookies man. Be nice to like the young kids coming up like embrace them, be a little mentoring and then maybe you can get like a 5 more your exemption as a desert. I guess two years would be a two years, $1.4 million going to each of the winners and 400 FedExCup points go into each of the winners, which again, it's just a weird event. None of that is necessarily offensive, I guess. It just feels weird for an event with what feels like very, very little juice, but maybe that's just me, opining too much, but if this was an event where I think we've talked a lot about where, if women were involved, like if it was LPGA players playing with, would it have more appeal to you? Would you be into it? I want to say yes, I would, for sure. That's where I'm at too. And fully conscious of what I just got done saying about how wrong I was about my prediction for this team event. I do think there's something interesting to seeing. And you see it with some of the teams, I guess. It was maybe even with the burns and horschel team a little bit where you have burns is kind of swinging out of his shoes, firepower, let's make a million birdies and Billy is kind of like a little bit more fairways and greens. Let's hit it to 20, 30 feet, and hopefully roll in a couple. But we have like Xander and can't lay playing pretty much the same game. I mean, there's some interest there, I think, seeing, you know, two guys try to figure it out together, but I think different playing styles would just be so much more interesting, right? And trying to figure out who's teeing off on which hole and which holes favor which player and can this person hit this shot into the screen? Is this going to make sense? God, sign me up for all of that. And that's the comment we have been broken record about with regards to the president's cup is like, man, how much better would the president's cup be if it was mixed mixed teams? And you're pairing men and women together. And since that feels like a massive long shot, I think doing an event like this, like even just a one off calendar event would be so freaking cool. Yeah, I suppose that the counter argument of the golf kind of establishment would be well, you know, then you're taking away X number of spots from the last 75 people on the list for on both the LBA and the PJ, right? Yeah, but do you want me to do some of those names of people in the field? Because at least really tough. It's really tough, man. As always, no offense to anybody. But there were some teams in here where it's almost like a multiplier effect. When you see two anonymous people on a team, you're just like, man, who the fuck are all these people? It's tough. It's not a good field. It's not a good field. I could almost kind of like, I definitely lays bare even more. All right, maybe we can thin the herd a little bit. The death panel, death panel by the list. Next year. This is dangerous territory to wade into, but just looking over the list. I'm sorry, I'm sorry to this man, but I've never heard of Joseph bramlett who played with maverick mcneely. And I have not heard of Austin smotherman who played with our Harry Higgs. I have not heard of Paul barjon who played with Tom hoagy. I don't think I've heard of either Jarrett wolf or Seth Reeves who shot 500. Yeah. You know, like a lot of dudes who obviously they're great. They're probably better at their profession than I am in mine. So it's maybe disrespectful to be like, I ain't never heard of you, but wow, that's a lot of people who are bringing a lot of eyeballs to the to this. Yeah. I agree. And I guess give credit to, you know, I think Xander and cantlay playing the event and pairing up together is ultimately awesome, right? I mean, that's good on them for being too top ten top 12 players and really leaning into this thing and embracing it and matching up. Same obviously with more power and hovland, they seem like they had a blast. And that's kind of the thing about this event is when you do talk to guys about it. I mean, the players like almost to a man that I've spoken to love this event. They have a legitimate blast. And I think that's more of an existential question about how much does the promote the tour promote things that players really like versus things that fans really like, but I mean, I guess if it's a one or a zero, right? Is this event good for the PGA Tour or bad for the PGA Tour? I probably tend to lean towards it's a one and it's a good change of pace and it's fun to watch the back 9 and it's fun to watch guys play alternate shot for, you know, I can do it for about an hour and a half. It's great, but the idea of watching it on like Thursday Friday when I got nothing else to do is no thanks. It's like the potential is there for I mean imagine if this existed in like 2002 and you could have gotten like a Tiger and devolved team paired against Ernie and Adam Scott or something like that. Down the stretch. That would have been like huge because that's basically what all the battle bighorn and all that stuff that they ended up creating was kind of intending. And so the intent is good and it's there. It's just like, you know, for the most part, the bigger stars aren't kind of aren't that interested. I will say, Scotty shutter continues to have one of the more interesting postmasters like victory tours around. He participates in this event. Like he doesn't do any of the late night talk show stuff. I guess I don't tune in quite as much to Sports Illustrated and stuff like that, but it didn't seem like he sat down for any kind of big magazine profile or anything after that happened. It's like basically it's got a shuffler seems like kind of the same dude except for that he won the best. He's just kind of hanging out at home. That's exactly kind of how I think I would long for it to be. If I ever win the masters, this is perfect. Yeah, well, I'm gonna hold you to that. Okay, well, you know, I mean, it's gonna be hard not to not to go on some of the shows. Yeah, well, maybe do one. One for you one for them. Kind of a situation. It depends on if I still work very soon while I win the masters. Push for me to be on Kimmel and the whole vertical integration thing that you'd have to do. Well, you got to cross promote. Totally. I think some of it too has to do with just, we talk about this with all the PGA conversation and everything and just the way the tour is structured. For the tour to do anything mildly innovative is just, it's just like really not going to happen, right? Because there's just so many shareholders. And so many people to keep happy and so many playing opportunities to create. And all of those things to where, you know, this is about as outside the box is they've gotten probably in my time of covering pro golf, right? And it's still just kind of winds up as like this milk toast down the middle of the road. You know, nobody's really happy. Nobody's really offended kind of product and I don't know..

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