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The rightfield line ah and that was the bit i mean that in syria again for for people who know frank robinson of the ball player he took highly underrated because he was he was made his mantle clementi in that area you know ted williams is city this guy's great reds never should have traded him yeah never shas here it is he still the only guy to be mvp and both uh both legs was first year it was a it was his first year after the trade he just went off and this will win credible but yes a frank robinson bob people had tonight but you know interesting ballgame you know we saw the third base coach send nick humbly to the play chris taylor host and by like fifteen feet was not fill nevins greatest moment there but chris taylor has a serious hose in center field but i was there so far dc way when when when he got to the plate the need like he just uh and that's the tap the catcher on the back guyana usually the most credible plane baseball and you know beat you get a backup catcher coming down the third base line he would incredibly go after the you know the catcher now that play that the contact play is no longer for me as a fan i'm a good run him over injure him that was real entertainment i was good stuff it was good star firstly kelly was hurt guys would round third in all of a sudden you'd be you hear the whole the crowd would be i waiting for i chili davis to blow up mike so shared jack clark to do the same when we come back with your list all right i i wanted stretch it out we were five rightist part of the giants 2017 season the scientists for those of you are a you guys you kim negative it never look at the bright side here is the bright side we're going to give you the bright side in a eighth fillion it it ain't that bright you know what i've noticed you.

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