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Gang same along for the ride as well we've got a lot going on today like to get to one hour from now Republicans bring new book why meadow died and it's basically a a handbook or a reference manual for students and teachers and grandparents are and and and parents everybody else when it comes to safety of your kids in school some checks and balances and checks that you've got a mark off before ever send your kid to a certain school I ate again you don't think that you have to because you pay for the school. but at the end of the day you really have to unfortunately it's eight eight nine four one pack Joe pack suck all right that it got it got it no what is this monopoly godly monopoly many many years and I'll be is a cool game and from what I understood you you have to go around the thank you bye stuffy people pay your rent in nearby buildings and you try to outlook ever one monopoly ever custody gets boring after awhile but but what is it what's new about this one and and why is it causing controversy Daily Mail all the latest additional monopolies were given a new twist where women are paid more than men this by performing the same task employers make their way around the board collecting things that wouldn't exist without females ms monopoly tells players collect two hundred forty salaries to Pasco if your man collect two hundred what Hasbro Inc is dubbed the first ever game of the monopoly franchise that celebrates women trailblazers at the game where women also get a four hundred dollar higher pay out of nineteen hundred dollars at the start features token such as a pen at Jack a glass to watch a barbell or ms monopolies white hat and a boss coffee hold a young brunette female character appears on the cover which reads the first game where women make more than men featured twenty four invention cards the fresh take on the game replaces the image of the well known top hat wearing mature Mister monopoly who boasts a white mustache and waves a cane. is monopoly gives new meaning to the franchise's properties are replaced by groundbreaking inventions and innovations made possible by women throughout history a Hasbro description reads from inventions like wifi to chocolate chip cookies to over heating and space station batteries this monopoly celebrates everything from scientific advancements everyday accessories.

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