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Whistle tales from well as a ways that the pig was a win installment chat for a variety of subjects with regards to load warcraft. Scrap a bozo or point. Sit back and enjoy stay. Subject is all about ocd. In wow my sound a bit weird. I know but once i get going you'll kind of or at least on how you'll pick up and understand what i'm going for with this sort of taito. It won't be this tied to on the podcast name. I don't think this is kind of standing total fennell. But let's get started and the first thing i wanted to his bag. Oc day salary. This for me is a big personal one. I have set places. The things need to be in my bag. My heart stone is one of them mounts of one of them a classic because retail mounts. Ovation's they don't exist anymore in your bag there all Certain tab you've go craft materials and extra get rem bags as the four bake parts for me so with my have stone i have. I haven't atom from my bags so it's not the same as a normal light. You why bag from world war kroft. So there's no their own individual bags. Earning do individual five bags is one big bag. A school bag known the atom. So it's just one big bag loaded two different lines but with that bag. It's always the first slot in my inventory on every character. Besides again mount just keep that in mind but scientists. That is the i saw in my inventory. It will never move. It's always there and it's always in the same location in one or two locations. Say in that bag so they say if you have a normal bag like normal. Ui atom for while it will be your very first bag in the top left of that sixteen or back that you get the very start the game when you log on and have number one character it will never move. Some people will have in fifth bag and like the very last slot. Some people might have it in the bag. The top less slow icon understand. Why because that kind of draws crazy and it's just like it's not meant to be so so why would you let move into your fifth bag way junk will fill up from your first bank to your bank. And then you're going through you all of your bags right. Click and staff you accidentally brockley stone doesn't saleh but it's just annoying. These are done again or line of sight. Best just wasted a couple of seconds. I mean it just infuriates me. Because i get stuffed on so quickly in the game just to move onto the next thing..

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