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In Juliet moment day, you see thin slices in the Polycom. They refer to it as such thing as you post it. They look our own Brian manga. He runs around. Now. He extols the virtues of this very where do you eat? Your Sicilian lists Friday night, my wife, and I we ordered a stuffed crust the Cillian with pepperoni on top a. Yeah. I know I meet on Friday. I know I'm Belgian style. I know, but it was delicious marinara up by me on ninetieth and third. Marinara fantastic. Was it very expensive? Yeah. It probably was I didn't look at it. I didn't look at. Expand life budget on her blind shorter. Exactly. Correct. Do you like that don't you realize this pay for play rules and regulations involving radio Brian mongoloid? Did you get a gratuity for that isn't that funny? Isn't that funny that he picked he and Christian the ones that pick the moment of the day? And isn't it funny that they picked one starring Brian can easily talking about his favorite restaurant? How he gets a double gratuity for that. So during the cost to the company he gets now free. She's like guys. What's your what's your Twitter? I'm gonna send you guys something from the courtesy. Juliet. Oh, right around the corner dinners pay for next Friday at just got confirmation. That's called pay for play. Yeah. Not allowed. You can. We can get thrown off to know. Okay. Now, we're not gonna go all the way to the upper east side, just like hell on earth. Kill you. Right there. Is totally focused on the Upper West side. Yes. Because of a I live remote together chess gone may night Thursday may ninth and tickets are going because I've got a bunch of my little friends who want to get they want to go there. They're like I want the Italian meal from chaska, and I want beer and wine. That's right near the beacon theater. Right. It's right there. So I mean, you just go into the city do the thing hang out with us able to change as to be considered. Probably just the beacon theater of heavy metal. I'm not sure but not burn can tell us from Haiti patriot. He's coming in momentarily. Forget taking my two youngest sons Cadran Antony two hose that train train. That was so Tommy. Two-tone? Yeah. Thomas the train Thomas the tank engine. And everybody wanted me to leave because I was scaring the kids doesn't faze me. Hanyu sons, they said you scare and all the kids here figures that was my last appearance at the beacon. But anyway, right now, let's get on news headlines at.

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