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Entertainment design, just for you, then checkout, customizable, streaming TV from finishing. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? He gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Go to expend dot com. A one eight hundred spineta or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply. A radio news. I'm Rita Foley. Laid the president says we need a wall of people at the border. So he may send as many as fifteen thousand military troops there to help stop caravans of Central American immigrants as he looks to Tuesday's elections. The president's been drawing increasingly hard line on immigration, but denies he's trying to sew fear as a way of rallying his base mongering at all immigrations, very important subject. He says between ten and fifteen thousand troops could end up at the border as migrant caravan slowly move toward the US prepared then not coming into our country. Saga megani at the White House. Today's the startup of sign up season for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. President Trump predicted that the Affordable Care Act would collapse, but the health insurance markets remain nationally, premium increases, go up by single digits, and in some states with some plants, Costco. Down experts say while the repeal of the individual mandate will lead to more healthy young people opting out of coverage. Millions will still sign up for plans through the enrollment period that ends on December fifteenth correspondent, Tim McGuire. Reporting Pittsburgh synagogue, shooting suspect Robert Bowers goes to court today, a federal grand jury indicted, Robert Bowers on forty four counts, including hate crimes Bowers is being held without bail, and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing prosecutors have indicated they'll seek to have Bowers put to death Bowers accused of killing eleven people and wounding six Saturday at Pittsburgh's tree of life synagogue. I'm Warren Levinson. Baseball's Willie McCovey has died. The hall of Famer was eighty years old and had battled ongoing health issues. Say these San Francisco Giants walk out at Google hundreds of employee's or expected to walk off the job Google this morning. They say the company has been too soft on executives accused of sexual misconduct. This is AP radio news. Use their surprising new evidence challenging one way of treating cervical cancer surprising findings in two studies are reversing the medical field's approach to surgery for cervical cancer. The studies found a higher death rate for women opting for the less invasive solo Paris gothic surgery than those who underwent a more traditional radical hysterectomy. Dr Pedro Ramirez who led the larger study says at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston patients with early cervical cancer who require a radical hysterectomy are no longer operated on through a minimally invasive approach. Researchers theorize the higher death rate for the less invasive surgeries may have something to do with the tools or techniques spreading cancer cells from the tumor to the abdominal cavity. I might cross you tonight, Tennessee will execute a killer in the electric chair and manza Gorski chose the electric chair over lethal injection believing. It will be quicker say his lawyers. I'm Rita Foley, AP Radio New. News once

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