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Love from the Matthews Brothers Studios. Joining us now on the line is Kurt's like there. He's an attorney in Southern California. He's a lawyer, and he's a column The standings in. I should've said attorney and lawyer. I'm sorry. He's an author. Yes, he is both an attorney and a lawyer, and he's an author, and he's a columnist, and he's got a new book out. 21 biggest lies about Donald Trump. And you exclamation point and that's a great book on. I'm looking forward to reading it. I've just seen the excerpts, and he's joining us now on again. His book is titled The 21 Biggest lies about Donald Trump You current. Thanks for joining us here on the How weak our show. I see. Gavin Newsom ish is trying to shut down. Keep the state shut down again. For a little longer, like garbage guy. I say he's just the worst. And then I look at Andrew Cuomo, innit? Yeah. Hey, killed fewer people than Cuomo. So I I've got to give him that. But, yeah, This is just stupid. I have yet to meet someone here in California who had the virus. It's surging, and it's spiking. And it's skyrocketing. Don't you read those headlines every morning? You know, I can't think of his God wasn't there. So anything was very kind of event. In a couple of in recent weeks where tens of thousands people got together and close close proximity to scream and yell. I don't mean church because we can't do that anymore. Is something else? I'm scratching my head. Yeah, well, you know what's going on in church? They Ah, you know, A A statue of the Virgin Mary was set afire on Saturday night and in Boston and in Florida, A guy tried to sell That fire to a Roman Catholic church in Ocala when when there was actually a mass being said Oh, well, that's on. Then they burned down. And then they burned down the Spanish mission like Kristallnacht. Yeah, How'bout that Spanish mission being burnt down 249 years old, a little bit of history in Southern California, And yet it doesn't seem to be making too many of the national lose casts. You know when there were there were church burnings throughout the south. I was I was informed that this was ah, proof of the hideous racism of American Donald Trump not caring and I mean, most of them turned out to be like members of their own church. I mean, I would think this was a major civil rights thing. If only God, if only there was a Republican Department of Justice that could go after these s O. B. Now that you mention it, I I seem to recall President Bill Clinton, recalling churches being burnt that black churches being burnt down in Arkansas..

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