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Ronda it's like this place will kanda is in africa but it's like hidden it's where vibrant i i'm gonna do a horrible excellent so far right i'm there with you role model for anybody under five foot nine we're over there villain i don't want to i think i've shown that larry tell you how again not what's his name hat monger lena movie without larry liberty kill monger phenomenal what's the other guy's name claw though the the cranberry not not jerry larry listen and not the superheroes not fucking chris birds you fuck it as ravioli les comores ravioli day love that ravioli more allowed go more bucko ravioli bucko i love it though i love ravioli land getting name what people do this shows that they're into the aa that movie i'm i wanna see it again i wanna see that movie again and i probably will i will probably see that the black panther oh shit you be live all right that's all i want my next week great characters and an a really fun movie some great action joy awesome so we have to snowstorm i know jimmy i try to get back to strove island before his shit yes so i get stuck in here do you see your apartment get out absolutely happens is all the trains shutdown everybody while i was thinking see my apartment you'll see my pillow you know what i reducer you got another roommate totally right sleep year all right guys listen i mean what else we want to plug something wednesday dc improv tonight thursday i'm there he only show that there's tickets leftward tonight if you wanna hear it check it out tomorrow early show maybe there's a few but the rest of friday and saturday is sold out cnn goodbye everybody.

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