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That's eight six six eight four four seventy three forty four. Two thousand eighteen is the books and police in Chicago say it was a safer year there. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson announcing citywide shootings were down fourteen percent compared to two thousand seventeen murders down fifteen percent. The steepest drop off of any major American city robberies were down nineteen percent and overall criminal complaints down. Eight percent twenty eighteen can also be defined as a year of progress in partnership in terms of our efforts to reduce violence. Police pulled more than ninety five hundred illegal guns off of Chicago city streets about one every hour. Ryan burrow, ABC news, Chicago, if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet doctors are saying it should be right at the top of your New Year's resolution lists a very young and very old are most susceptible to getting the flu. But political commentator repainting as someone who has born and raised in twenty six years old when she died on Friday apparently from the flu and meningitis. The takeaway says pediatrician Edith brought you a Sanchez even in otherwise healthy young adults. The flu can come. And quickly the symptoms can be aggressive and the complications can be fatal. It is unclear whether brief Payton had been vaccinated before she came down with the flu. Jim Ryan ABC news and getting around in the new year will be a little less expensive. The energy department says the average price for a gallon of gas is down six cents in the last week to two dollars twenty seven cents a gallon. This is ABC news. It's.

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