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And now steve hi good morning cohen who green bay and i'm i'm putting my podium her green bay everybody knows green bay packers brutal i've ever met great little bitty gird gives you the poll you could clear but experience you're you're minute delay deliver nature it took steady with her allotted that's a real selling point is being able to get out to nature fast you know and i have been through green bay in the spring but what's that like in the winter time you know i grew up here so i knew stewart you know everybody complaining good it it it definitely cold but everywhere scott recalled miliver so it to me it's always been the norm yeah i was tanya macho like frostburg and in the winter time the snow snows up to people's way split the people who live there just really seem to notice that it's also interesting by the way you know how some towns just everything goes crazy when they get in the interests no on the ground it's like that in washington d c i mean we're going to get half an inch of snow and their raiding the stores for milk and bread and toilet paper and cars or crashing everywhere and i was talking to uh state police one time and i said so are you worried about what's happening up in cumberland and frostburg maryland this approach no they know how to drive snow they know what to do what you people down here that are the idiots so so i guess they know how to handle snow and green bay to refer to thank you for your call we are going to larry and mansfield ohio you're on first light good reality sir how are you doing fine well i'm calling for manziel ohio i don't really wanna rate man should ohio but i'm an over the road short driver so i've seen uh city in all forty eight states on the kanu us and i can rate it based on how people drive and how people act when you stop predictability and i'd have to say to probably my favorite is albuquerque new mexico people aren't aggressively driving there and they treat your friendly when you're stop at different places and i know mcmenemy but probably the place where the worst drivers in the lead burnley people is oklahoma city really oklahoma city arm and you would think it would be just the opposite because they're kind.

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