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We got mark Cuban coming up just after one o'clock Gary Matthews sorry about one thirty talk about the passing of Jim Frye who skippered those eighty four because he's the general manager for the division one team in eighty nine flurries coming down here outside of our firstly west bank State Street studios one ninety north St over I hope everyone's doing well karma it's the one thing Chris black and I agreed on we talked off they're just now I congratulate him on his wonderful victory yeah he congratulated me on the effort that I've given what is his infatuation with men's hair what was the point of the game I think it was well not men's hair was hair was with the get the answer I was a lot of men yeah now both he and I both said boy the **** about wonder woman's hair Gil good though I mean I don't know who she was yeah we're all over that well over that with you some general woman that draws our interests right we really are infatuated with men with long hair it doesn't do anything for us slash of guns or to get her fact that you don't remember the fat you know some dudes got air yeah the chase well for both Chris black and I if you don't mind yeah gal Godot would have been nice great question all my yes she is all my lord yeah I forget about it yeah hello hello who is it me or that she's a good looking gal not acts as Wonder Woman but you know he's got the budget meant that he likes it no I guess he's got to focus on that K. so less this winter and then moving on from that god will have quick trending Merck what's happening.

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