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Now, it's time for so there's that. All right. So this is the part of the show where Juliet defined a so there's that moment that's happening because of our in spite of the nightmare called our government. She hates doing it because it's fucking impossible. And I don't blame her. But after learning what a dick fuck Mitch McConnell is we could all really us. So there's that right now. So man now, which come up with nine mean always. It seems a little. Okay. Well, what can you do? There's not really a so that I can tense episode that we've ever made. I'm sorry that my so there's that is like last night, I raped Mitch McConnell. I mean, we ask cancer anything anything anything lease God. Well, this is going to seem a little trite. But let's try and think of it in a gram scale. Okay. It does get harder and harder. And I I really even stopped writing it halfway through. I was just going to talk. But I did find this little story, and it really did warm the Daikos of my heart and as a. I haven Tate to say that I'm gender non conforming because I don't even feel that way anymore woman. And that's it. And the way I present myself as just the way present myself, but I do have to say that the freedom to decide what I wear is probably one of the greatest gifts. I have an order to find some semblance of physical comfort. I would die. If I was forced to wear a skirt or address, I would die. And I know that sounds who cares wearing address whatever Mitch McConnell needs to get raped. You know, but if you really just, you know, think about what you wear and how it makes you feel and just that little bit of freedom and that little bit of comfort, and even when you feel bad or you feel insecure. It's just you're at least choosing what you want someone forces you to be innovating suit. Right. And you get your job. Right. And you're like, no, I don't I can't be forced to do that. I just right. So exposed right? Exactly. Now women in the military and in other sex. Ters of American life are still forced to wear skirts or dresses as part of their uniforms while men are still given the freedom and courtesy of wearing pants now, I'm not against uniforms at all fits specific to the thing that needs a uniform. It's not a thing that turns me on. But as far as like things needing a uniform, they need a uniform, so fine. However, when you delineate women's wearing skirts and men wearing pants, you right there that is a form of sexual assault. And it's not wearing a skirt fucking uncomfortable. And you can't do the same things. A man can do in pants. You just cannot you're worried about your fucking underwear your legs or fucking hanging out. You can't do running because you probably have to wear stupid fucking heels. And it's just like a whole thing. It's not you can't kick ass in this car. You can't kick ass in a skirt. You're not going to go kick someone's ass in an alley a skirt. Or if you do you have to take your shoes off, and you're just like fuck it. I'm going to pull this thing up. Heater all bleeding, or whatever the foreign can do it in that one movie. Right. So I'm just saying, okay. I think removing now in in schools. There's also still uniforms in schools, Catholic, schools and religious, schools and other military schools. People have to wear these kids were uniforms now when it comes to schools actually, kind of like not that against it. Because I think removing the sigma fashioned from kids lives can be a good thing. Yes. You know, what I made it still be pants. Exactly if equalize is everyone economically and all the body shapes and identities are all on the same level. However, there are still many schools that in their uniform policy make girls where dresses or skirts and boys get to wear pants, and it drives me fucking crazy. And I know is watching this thing on the military where like trans people..

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