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So you know from the one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six. And of course, we go until one o'clock and to the phone. So we go off over the post game show it off of the game with the nets making at six in a row and Jacob. He's calling from TOMS river, New Jersey and Jacob you're on the fan. What's happening? You and you to still wanna talk about the Mets, but I have to say two things. First of all, I thought you're going to play your Harvey spiel Harvey because Harvey got a contract. He what the angels isn't. He the team that drafted him before he became the dark Knight and became after that the dark cloud. That steve. But I just wanted to say don't want to get to the nets. But still tell you what I love about you on it, even though you're not a Mets fan, and I'm not gonna say that the nets are the best team. No, I'm not. Delusional. But I did call in a week and go to Evan Roberts. I told them listen to nets aren't exciting energetic team, and he hung up the phone. He was so. Listen, obviously, they're not the warriors. But they are a young energetic. I mean, the Knicks are just not exciting the nets. I mean, I it was a tense game tonight. But before the game started, I said, listen, they have a chance. The Knicks are playing then you know, what would happen Jacob first of all I I give you and Evan too. I hope there are more than just the two of you who are nets fans. But I will say this big. I would trust me. I want the Knicks to do all. But I'm just being on. You know, what you're no. You're a good fan. And I appreciate your call. You know, the whole thing and they are a better team than the New York knickerbockers. And you're right. What are you were kind of describing and very eloquently? So may I add the you were speaking from the heart and speaking as honestly as you can be about a team you root for and that is to be respected and appreciated and your comments are on the record of. But as you were talking about your team, I began to feel that you were basically saying that the Brooklyn nets as young as they are what their energy they are developing. Yeah. That's right. Anyway, Jacob Ben good luck. I mean, what six in a row is nothing to sneeze at already. And and again, you saw Angelo Russell not with any kind of a turnover. You're not seeing in this six game winning streak. Anybody having trouble inbounding the ball? And what did we see at the very end from the king who couldn't carry his team across the finish line? Yeah. Thirty six points. But his last shot three that he took with seconds to go in the game. Had he made it would've been a one point game and anyone's game, but no an airball. And now, we think of his era parent, and who might that be in your NBA, Hollis Jefferson tonight hero. Dangelo Russell hero and Dudley Dudley. Eleven. Seven points in the fourth quarter, one eight seven seven three three seven six six six x number to call on your fan. New york. Sorry. I'm late. I thought he left the garage open and had to drive all the way home again funny. I left mine opened at a two, but I got a text from my security system, letting.

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