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Ooh welcome everyone sport gambling podcasts. I'm Sean Stack in the money green with my partner and picks right real money Kramer sub crammed dog do lots to talk about the Internet is in upheaval over the questionable suspension by the by us on my dog I'm also feeling very free Sean we are not doing video for this episode so I am completely nude sitting across from my man let's bring him on the show Oh the man the myth the legend half man half machine all college sports he is Kobe Dan for Dan. Based what's up did not Manica Kramer record microbe in Venice Beach Essentially Santa Monica Venice. I'M GONNA get Kramer he's GonNa smoke some weed we're GONNA go to a drum circle after this it's GonNa be Great and other benefit of not being on Video Sean you can't see what I'm doing I like how you said we're gonNA smoke weed like Ryan already has a ton of and he's GonNa be out there with one of the giants snakes walking up and down the boardwalk photo with Freeman to be clear I do have the job I take it very seriously and I would never never walk into work under the influence of anything okay just so that's clear that is clear ride clear and of course I was talking about on the daily fantasy podcast we recorded last night doing it remotely on the East Coast to the end of the week the dog knocked over the camera and I tweeted out the clip on McKinley podcast on Instagram sports gambling guests but it's great because he's C. Righ and like I in the dog and like try to get them talk to go away with his eyes Right before the dog knocks over the Tripod to pull back the curtain all the way what actually happened is we of course we're recording early the kids came home from school and my little one blasted through the garage door like Kramer and Seinfeld and it was just like hey dog charges out watching the video right now on at gambling podcast over on twitter dog charges out and I just I see it happen before it happened the dog is does the circle and just it's like any dogs zero Fox to give anything in its way and just plow through the tripod yeah and yeah just like I said added a lot of people having questions about the suspension people know that I'm a Michael Vick fan perhaps perhaps I'm coming down a little too hard on the DR I mean you get a small dog to that's our you know what I mean they've got a whole little wiener dog yeah all I think that's kind of like a rudy router took down a whole media empire yeah well Enron I think you know not to cue the X. Files Music conspiracy theory here but I think this was planned along by the dog back in retaliation for the hot dog costume you're making your dog where that was going controlled demolition on the camera what happened to building number so yeah no I mean the J. you'll doesn't melt tripods that's all I'm saying it definitely feels like a bit of torture what we're doing the dog this Halloween fortunately not my decision so moving on moving on indeed yeah let's do it let's talk we're gonNA Recap Week AAC give out a week nine picks but before we do time to give a shoutout to the sponsor of the podcast mybookie dot ag they They got it all all the college football action you want to get in on They got that they got player. Props you can do the little customize your own props yeah you know I think someone's Goff three or four touchdowns you can throw that in the old custom prop maker and have had no we we've been diving. Hashtag degen's again all this stuff all the action the podcast picks the blogs the post.

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