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I I know I did in the super thankful for all the exciting things that are happening in my life and as well as with business on the podcast for a quick Wrap up on it. I guess I just explained to all you guys listening today. is I quit my job as a manager at a hotel to pursue my business and of course podcasting full-time and so feel guys have any questions. Feel free to let me know exciting stuff working on coming out in the slick talk space So stay tuned for a lot of really just cool announcements in excitement coming through the show but today's episode Michael Turnout announced a restaurant tour of the meatball shop. Seymour's restaurant I'll based out in New York. Great Guy Actually heard him on Gary. V Gambia's big entrepreneur with podcast heard about Michael through here linked up with him on social media and pretty much. Just I love this story so much to ask them to be on the show and he agreed so we talk about a lot of different things and I really wanted to dive a little bit on a different aspect of just entrepreneurship anouar ship and then also hospitality in a different mindset and just kind of Today's world what that really really looks like in you know expectations locations that were sent from the beginning to where they are today and just all sorts of stuff that we talked about. I really just had a great time with him. So if you WANNA find out more obviously Look in the description in the podcast. And you'll find the link to all his socials in restaurants in all the good stuff. He's also launching a podcast as well so stay tuned for that will be exciting stuff. I hope you guys enjoy the episode I know I have some fun. It's been a great time like I said so. Oh tune in every week stay tuned for the end the episode Guide Colo Announcement for everybody Kevin Lowe series coming out so again stay. Tuned listened through Michael's Great Guy and I hope you guys enjoy today's episode in.

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