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We take a look at the interactive radar. We are completely dry otherwise in the high sixties right around the seventy degree Mark seventy on the dot in downtown Orlando right now, sixty nine at the attractions pretty nice night out there. Our three Dana shows next. But as we continue our team coverage today R&_B singer art Kelly posting bond after pleading not guilty to numerous sexual abuse charges. He's officially out of jail tonight. The Grammy winner accused of sexually abusing several underage girls as well as another woman between one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and twenty ten and the house is getting ready to vote on a resolution to stop President Trump's national emergency declaration to get the money needs for his border wall with Democrats having the majority the likely prove it in the house and under special rules, dealing with the situation or Washington watchdog, Jamie debris tells us about must happen in the Senate. This point the plan from Democrats should be able to get through both the house and Senate, but not with veto-proof margins. Still it will be very interesting to see how many Republicans vote against the president on this. The resident is already said he will veto the resolution and Florida officials are getting more details on prostitution charges against New England. Patriots owner Robert Kraft charging twenty five individuals with soliciting another to commit prostitution craft who's been issued a summons is facing two misdemeanor. Cow. Outs for soliciting a prostitute and faces up to one year in prison as well as a possible, fine and community service and central Florida law enforcement wants you to know you're going to pay a hefty price. If you blow past a school bus troopers alone wrote thirteen ticket that was this morning along Goldenrod and lake Underhill road. Like is that first driver goes through then the rest of them continue. You have to be the one that stopped Kim Montas with HP says you're always required to stop. If you're traveling in the same direction as a school bus. We should not have this issue. If you're going in the opposite direction of the bus, you have to stop if there's just a traveling between you guys if there's a barrier between the travel lanes then you can proceed with caution..

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