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IOC, Richard, Benjamin Torrance discussed on Glenn Beck


Six ten W. IOC watching sixteen doppler radar clear sky still ninety one degrees in the row it's ninety in Boca the video showing people trying to break into downtown Miami C. V. S. some local heroes emerge you folks peaceful demonstrators stepped in to prevent looting I just know that people started throwing rocks at a piece of my city and me and Richard and many others just didn't want to see that happen Benjamin Torrance says he was scared but wants the world to know that's not the diverse my knee he knows and calls on us to protect that and to do so we must be the vanguard and see that black lives matter from George Floyd to Arthur McDuffie and beyond we as Miami and stance to gather against violence against racism persecution and hate my meetings please record has already presented torrents and Richard with certificates of appreciation Eric Rodriguez newsradio six ten WYO deeply coronavirus is starting to impact Miami Dade's real estate values but the county is still seeing general growth in twenty twenty property appraiser says the estimated taxable value on June first he is more than three hundred twenty two billion dollars adds up fourteen billion from twenty nineteen city of Miami has led the way with two point six billion a new construction bell harbor Avenue saw the steepest declines in existing property value at four point two percent and three point two percent no declines on Wall Street today all three major indices posting gains Dow was up ninety two points twenty five thousand four seventy five final number nasdaq up sixty two points S. and P. five hundred I'll be left another update coming up at six o'clock and more Sean Hannity after we check.

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