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Right before you go we're going to talk to david ortiz in a second what's your favorite david ortiz story well he's i asked him once howie so good in the clutch and he just looked at me and he said look i'm not afraid people in this game are afraid all the time but when i go up there i'm never afraid to fail and that's why i succeed also i shouldn't say this but tito francona told me years ago that they had a thing where he francona would pay four hundred dollars to anyone on his team who knocked in four runs in a game in a game in which they won so that's a reward i drove in four runs i was the first guy in our team to drive in four runs in that game meaning craig kona wasn't paying four hundred dollars if you guys did it in win it was the first guy so or ts in the first inning of a game it a grand slam pedro martinez was pitchy and after ortiz cross no played he ran into the dugout look the frank koehn it's at giving you four hundred bucks that's that the the sense of humor the attitude the leadership everything else that david ortiz had and i don't care what anyone says they missed him more the clubhouse last year than they did in the lineup and they really missed him in the lineup you know as you said that i laughed i remembered we we've got a great cameraman who guy who did the handheld he would be the guy who followed the the home run hitter from third base into home plate duke thorn is his name and david ortiz and duke worked on sunday night baseball and david ortiz looked at duke or lake he was a lucky charm every time he showed up he was so excited to see him and he always got my man how you doing and he was the best performer on sunday baseball and it's part of the baseball superstition that i think he thought duke thorne had something to do with it i'm gonna ask him about that tim thanks for doing this.

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