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His adult life. Dealing with matters regarding our border and Paula in Santa Barbara, California. Hello. Hi. Hi. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. So my comment or question is I understand that it's a huge problem that there are all of these people coming in illegally. But it seems to me the elephant in the room. That's not talked about is when they get here. I mean, I wish everyone the best. And it would be wonderful if everyone could come legally. But for those who are coming illegally, we count the numbers. But then when they get here, their children will become citizens that will be words of our faith. It is a huge cost. There are lots of costs. Check out the your local property taxes. They don't itemize your property taxes and tell you what percentage of those taxes go to the local hospital emergency room, which is being used now as a basic healthcare for a lot of people in this country. They don't talk about the burden placed on our schools and the like, it is a problem. And I don't think it would be great if everybody who wanted to come here came here would be great if we decided who we need here. I know a lot of people cite the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. And I'm sorry, but folks were up to our asses and huddled masses, okay? When that statue first went up, we needed a lot of people to settle the west. We needed a lot of people for our burgeoning and frankly very labor intensive industrial base. Today there are a third of a billion of us in this country and we're just not in need of everybody who wants to come here. Even a huddle mass is back then, they are common legally. Look, I talked to Joe Piscopo quite often on his show and he talks about his great grandmother, how she came to Ellis island and she was denied the first time because she had an eye infection, right? So again, they're trying to compare apples into oranges. And look, Paul is absolutely right. Illegal immigration costs this country billions of dollars annually. Look, the reality is the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens they come here. They don't speak the language. They have no skills, no education, and they have no financial means of support. When they get here, they're immediately become welfare recipients, both from the local state and federal system and as you said, they get free education, free healthcare, all of which could go on all of that goes directly on the backs of U.S. taxpayers. And she's right is something we do not talk enough about. Ali and Berkeley, California, hello. Would have been I had nothing for you. First of all, let's say most of the world that throughout them with all those noise is already broken, people walk in through it. The other thing is all of us have made immigrants to come here. Yeah, immigrants, but not illegal immigrants. I don't know how often we have to make the distinction. Nothing that has been said tonight is anti immigrant. It is anti illegal immigrant. There are rules for entering this country just as there are rules for entering every other country on the planet. You don't follow those rules and you shouldn't get to come in. That's not a difficult concept is it Ali? Can I have one other point? The legal economy. How can they get social security? They don't have more history. How can they get to receive social security? I don't defer to our guests. Yeah, because again, sanctuary cities have allowed them to get driver's license sanctuary cities allow them to work. So it's a step process. They make their way to social security. So it's happening in sanctuary cities. Again, that's part of the frustration that there's a lot of just unawareness that's out there. And again, Jim to foot stomp on your point for Ali is look. This is about illegal immigration. And besides what Jim has been talking about, which I completely agree as a country, we can not support someone whose first action in this country is the violate our sovereignty and violate the rule of law number one. There should be consequences for any illegal activity. The end does not justify the mean. That's one of the founding principles of this country. But in addition to that, illegal immigration and Jim, we keep saying this, illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Meaning it causes our borders to be open. It pulls resources all we give operational control of the cartel, that's how they're pouring drugs across a wide open southwest border, killed in American. That's how criminals are getting across and the NASA security threat is getting across. Illegal immigration pulls those resources off and that's how the threats are getting across. This is not a victimless crime. It's so frustrating, Jim. I don't know how secure our border became a right or left thing. I don't know how, you know. Because there are a lot of people who just, frankly, for a lot of people, this is all about them. How inclusive am I? How loving am I? And they don't want to hear this stuff about laws and harm to other people, including American illegal immigrants. This is all about them. This is all about whether or not they can show that they are virtually virtual signaling that they are superior to the rest of its in terms of morality, has nothing to do with the country or anything other than patting themselves on the back. Yep, it's all ideology, Jim. I agree with you. And it doesn't matter. There are the only thing they care about is the pursuit of their ideology. They don't care about the second third order. Are you said the collateral damage? I mean, literally you won't hear the mainstream media talk about the Americans are dying because of our open border or the angel family whose families in loved ones have been killed at the hands of an illegal alien. We just had a sheriff in Florida that was hit and run by an illegal alien. It should have never happened, but you'll never hear the mainstream media the ideologues talk about that. Rob and calabash, North Carolina, good evening. Hi, thank you and thank you for taking my call. I have often thought about being coming to president. And the first thing I do is slam the border shut. I put National Guard on the border and I send every agent north to round up all the illegals. Is there anything illegal about the one? Because they are here illegally. I don't care what laws there are. Okay, Mark? No, there's nothing he just said there's nothing. And I'll show you the Trump administration. We had military personnel there, both title ten and title 32, which means National Guard and active duty. And it was absolutely effective and it was needed. But remember, the resources and I agree with you. One of the first things, and Tim, I mean, you talked about before. I look, there's millions and millions. The reality must be able to do that anytime soon is going to be challenging, but guess what? We start one at a time. If you're here legally, let's get the resources, let's make it a priority. But that, again, we're talking about resources. And I agree with the call. But again, at the end of the day, we need Congress to act. We need Congress to pass meaningful legislation to close the loopholes so that we actually can secure the border. Yeah. All right, one more segment with our guest. That's it. And we'll be back in a moment. So in life the road you. Just say better get me cold. Go to Mako dot com for an online estimate today. Just engage your core. At misty's

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