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And boy did we see some action in the latter half of that second yeah it really opened up and then action Blackhawks defense getting involved first goal of the season and the first goal as a Black Hawk for Calvin de Haan and then Gustafson would seventeen markers last year picks up his first of the season two shots identical over the glove of Marc Andre Fleury some could plays by the Blackhawks in the offense zone and Corey Crawford was some excellent players own into the ice to keep the Vegas golden knights from scoring in that second period so hard to take a one goal lead in the period number three big period coming up here for the Blackhawks big period certainly it is statistics sound like this when the hawks lead after two there five oh one three the golden knights movie trailer after two periods so far this season with another impressive one six in old but the golden knights of had the Blackhawks number leading up to this game we ventured a number of times all five a two goal super hawks leave at the United center in Vegas scored the cold and scored with just over a minute to go when they pulled the goaltender for the extra attacker so anything can happen the Blackhawk's would like to find some separation here in the third period the one thing you got to remember is this place get killed off allowed in a Vegas can come back and score earlier ages got expect some heavy pressure coming sold find your fees in cues manage the park well but keep Pataki they've done an excellent job in that area tonight it all sounds like good advice all right two thirds of the books here in Vegas three two in favor the hawks Crispo just standing by and blackrock central with a full animation report and then we'll bring it back here to the T. mobile arena in.

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